Sunday, December 31, 2017

2018 goals!


  • Complete three-four large writing projects
  • Write in another genre for fun
  • The same list as last year only this time I'm actually going to pay attention to this section of life:
  • Get my two stone award
  • Cook more
  • Get more active and do more walking using my new fitbit as motivation
  • Go to the dentist

  • Finish sorting my bedroom and the attic
  • Buy a new oven
  • Sort out the broken washerdryer still under warrenty
  • Get passports for the girls
  • Repaint the surround of the front door
  • Sort the back garden more
  • Book more holidays!

  • Day Trip
  • Meal out
  • Holiday for the family
  • Cruise
  • Something for the girls
  • Something I wouldn't buy myself!

Things I learned in 2017!

  • ·         That taking ownership of your own destiny is a life skill
  • ·         That however chaotic a day feels, when you look back on a week you are generally winning
  • ·         That if you are not winning, it’s because more important things cropped up and if you’ve paid attention to those instead, actually you are still winning, just in a different format
  • ·         That nothing is more important than being kind
  • ·         That it is okay to draw a line when someone abuses your kindness. Kindness does not equal weakness
  • ·         That impossible tasks are possible if you make them a priority
  • ·         That it’s okay to not complete every task you set yourself because you are not a robot
  • ·         That if I had a robot, it would have two functions: Tidying and Childcare. Immediately 80% of my time would be freed up, but I’d be bored in two weeks
  • ·         That the children starting school means you will be given crafting assignments that no amount of education ever prepared you for.
  • ·         That words can heal and my job is a gift
  • ·         That filling out paperwork can be cathartic in unexpected ways
  • ·         That every year should involve movement
  • ·         That every month should involve dancing like a crazy person at least once
  • ·         That every week should have a soundtrack
  • ·         That every day should include laughter
  • ·         That it is okay not to be okay
  • ·         That dragons do actually exist if only for fractional portholes of time when you are with your children
  • ·         That nothing in the world beats the sound of your children laughing
  • ·         That karma exists and miracles do happen
  • ·         That poetry is good for the soul and you shouldn’t cancel this out by switching the news on
  • ·         That my kids are never going to forget the time that Uncle B said that naughty word ‘poo’ when he took them to the park
  • ·         That for every goodbye, there will be a hello
  • ·         That for every end, there will be a beginning
  • ·         That in an all-encompassing year that felt like a holy pile of crap at the time, you will look back and find hidden amongst those 365 time slots that you also found your greatest triumphs
  • ·         That the thing you should take those triumphs and wear them like the shiny medals they have become

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 goals!


  • Complete the #secretproject
  • Hopefully shout about the #secretproject
  • Work on completing #Forever27
  • Do some extra promotion for All That is Left of Us


  • Get my two stone award
  • Cook more
  • Get more active and do more walking using my new fitbit as motivation
  • Get my flu jab
  • Go to the dentist
  • Continue with blood tests/pill popping for my eye condition


  • Get my two girls ready for starting school in September!
  • Sort the back garden out so I can do more writing outside of the house and to improve the play areas for the girls
  • Repaint the surround for the front door
  • Declutter some more and create more storage for the girls toys


  • Try and catch up with friends


  • Register as self-employed (I have tried to multiple times and website keeps coming up with errors) 
  • Go through finances and look for places to save money
  • Add to savings


  • Something for the home or garden
  • A day out
  • A holiday
  • Something for each of the girls
  • Perfume 
  • Gin/Alcohol
  • A new experience
  • Food of some kind

2016 goals - how far did I get?

2016 has been an amazing year for me both professionally and personally. I've done more than I ever thought possible and have achieved things that I've worked towards for years. So in no particular order these are my highlights of 2016. I've also listed the goals I set myself at the beginning of the year below to give an update on how they've gone. I love doing this every year as it gives me focus for the year ahead. I never achieve all of them, but I think this is the closest I've ever got to a complete list. And of course, I'll be setting one for 2017 to see where it leads me.

  • My first two novels were published. 
  • Waiting for You hit the top 100 Kindle books.
  • Waiting for You shortlisted for the Joan Hessayon Award.
  • Successfully potty trained two toddlers.
  • I signed with an agent - Hattie Grunewald.
  • Graduated from the terrible twos to the threenage years and survived.
  • Got to the point I'm earning as much as my job pre-babies.
  • Laughed, paused, created, dreamed, breathed, screamed, worried, conquered, applauded, smiled, muttered, enjoyed, lived.

Health/Me time:

  • Lose 2-3 stone - I have been going to Slimming World all year and my chart looks like an ECG. I need to concentrate on getting a downward trend this year! - I got to a stone and 6lbs loss. It's better than it was, but still needs work. But I've carried on going and will continueto do so!
  • Create more 'me' time. Sort out the doctors/dentist appointments I've been putting off - I've done reasonable well on this give how hectic my life is. I've been on two spa days. I've had mulitple cups of tea at the right temperature. I didn't make it the dentist. You can't win at everything. 
  • Exercise more. I haven't found time for anything regularly since the twins were born - Like I said - you can't win at everything!
  • Read 15 books (Didn't manage 20 last year unless you count reading my book at least 10 times!) - Can't remember what my final number was, but it's roughly 15. Not many compared to pre-children and writing takes priorities these day. 
  • Finish Book Two (currently unnamed) for Carina UK - This ended up being All That is Left of Us and was released in September. It's received some amazing reviews and I hope it continues to do well in 2017.
  • Enjoy seeing both of these books published and enjoy the ride it'll take me on - It has been tremendous and both books are doing so much better than I ever could have imagined - long may it continue! 
  • Plan Book Three - There are no less than FOUR books that I've been working on in some form or another. Keep an eye out in 2017 for more news on them.
  • Update my website - 
  • Plan a book launch for Waiting for You - This went really well with nearly 70 people attending and raising over £300 for the local community farm.
  • Potty train the twins! - Done!
  • Embrace the fact they are growing up and wave goodbye to cot sides and high chairs. - Done!
  • Continue enjoying lots of family adventures - They grow up way too quickly and I've loved being able to take them out as often as possible.

  • Get new front and back doors fitted - Done!
  • Get new boiler and radiators fitted - Done!
  • Redecorate the areas where it's needed - Done!
  • Tidy every surface in the house - I think this happened although there is absolutely no evidence of the fact now.
  • Declutter - I've sent many bags to the charity shops and yet there still seems to be no extra space in the house!

This year I'm going to attempt to win:
  • A family day out - I won a voucher to the IOW Zoo and a £50 ferry voucher so we made use of those and had a long weekend away.
  • A holiday - I was lucky enough to win a three-night break in a lodge with a hot tub and I ended up having it as a writing retreat! It was fab and I got 10K words written.
  • Soft drink/alcohol/food for book launch - I really got lucky with this. A friend supplied a case, I won a case plus some others and they all went in a raffle raising money for the community farm.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Things I learned in 2016!

* That there is no room for housework in the realms of attempting to be awesome.
* That sometimes to be a good writer, you have to be an average parent.
* That sometimes to be be a good parent, you have to an awful writer.
* That both are fine.
* That true friends and family will be there for you even when you're a crapper-than-average disorganised friend/relative.
* That all the important things will work out somehow.
* That anyone wanting to become your best friend instantly, might potentially be a psycho.
* That being happy is important. And being able to share that with others is a gift.
* That if more than one person seems to think you possess talent, it's very possible that you do and should start believing it.
* That hard work does pay off.
* That being a mum to twins does make you superhuman.
* That remembering despite superhuman skills, there are days when you are just human.
* That it's okay to admit defeat.
* That the most delightful sound is the laughter of your own children.
* That the most challenging sound is the persistent crying/moans of your own children.
* That both sounds are fleeting.
* That no matter what is happening in the world around you, it's important to find your own peace. To love yourself. To not be defined by anything other than what you choose to be defined by.
* That it's important to look at the stars. To taste the rain. To smell the frost.
 * That life should not be defined by the year you are in, but the day you are embracing.
Happy New Year, everyone! 😍😍😍

Friday, November 4, 2016

All That is Left of Us

I should probably mention here that my second beauty of a book is out! It deals with the aftermath of surrogacy within a family. Here's the blurb...

One of My Own…

Dawn loves being a mother. No matter how Archie came into her life, or the fact he's a little different from other children, he is precious and loved. He is hers, after all. Especially because she’s never told anyone who the father of her son is.
So when Dawn’s twin brother David and his wife Rebekah are struggling to have their own child, Dawn agrees to become their surrogate, as it is the one thing she can do to help.
However, creating the perfect family doesn’t always go to plan and when Dawn realises just how much her nephew needs his mother, she begins to wonder if the time has finally come to confront the past she has kept secret for so long.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Waiting for You 99p bargain on Kindle Monthly Deal!

Hello there!

Happy June everyone! Half way through the year and I'd say I'm doing pretty well with keeping on top of my goals for the year. How is the first half of 2016 shaping up for you?

My poor blog has been neglected this year in favour of novel writing! My second novel, All That Is Left Of Us, is now complete and I'm just waiting for the copyedits before it'll be ready to go out to early readers. It's mad because this has been a proper rollercoaster ride. In fact Timehop on Facebook tells me it was exactly a year ago today that I sent Waiting for You (at that point it was called Baby Number Two) out on submission. I would never believed I was capable of what I've managed in such a short space of time. All That Is Left Of Us has only been read by my editor so far so I'll be tortured by nerves when it goes out into the world, but I love the story and can't wait to see how it is received.

This month has also been special because Waiting for You has been selected to be part of the Kindle Monthly deal and is on offer at 99p. It's seen it rise in the charts and it's been fantastic to see in the top 20 for holiday reads and romance literary fiction. Click on the picture if you want to get a hold of the book at that bargain price.

After copyedits, I have the twins 3rd (THREE, already!) birthday to celebrate followed by the RNA conference. Then there's the question of starting the next book. Okay, I admit, it's already started, I just need to plan it out fully and make it the best one yet.


Catherine xx