Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Few Writing Competitions and other drivel!

I have been a tad lax with blogging the past week but hopefully I will make up for it this coming week.  It has partly been because I have had my head stuck in a book. A place I often like to find myself.  Under Heaven was really a fantastic read and I enjoyed it far more than I expected to.  I have written up a short review but have not said too much as I am still waiting to be told it was okay to review but I am pretty sure it will be fine.  It means I can now crack on with reading my review book from WHSmith.  This one is fortunately not the same size as the last so shouldn't take so long to read.

I thought I would take the opportunity to include a couple of writing competitions I have come across.  All of these are free to enter writing competitions.  I tend to keep my eye for them more than the mainstream competitions where there tends to be an entry fee.  Not much of a budget for entry fees unfortunately and I am sure many wannabe writers like myself are the same.  I will keep my eye out for any other similar competitions and post them.

For anyone who fancies themselves as a children's writer there is this competition being run by Munch Bunch. They have just extended the closing date until 25th June.  They are looking for an original children's story between 600-800 words and must start“Once upon a Munch Time, there was a cow called Munch…”

Another children's bath time story can be found here. This is being run in conjunction with Halo and Horns and ends on 4th April so not long to enter but max 150 words so very do-able!

A fun little competition being run by Microsoft is called "Where's the Any Key?".  They are looking for short funny IT stories.  It is running until 20th May and they are selecting weekly winners who get their story transformed into a cartoon strip.  There are some good prizes so have a look!

There is also a crime-writing competition running on Alibi.  Again there is a starting line to get you on your way.  The story needs to be between 2000 - 5000 words.  A fantastic prize on offer to the finalists and winner.  The closing date for this one is the 16th May.

As for my projects this week I am going to edit the flash fiction piece I wrote and get it ready to enter to Bridport.  I had also planned to enter a short story into this but I have decided this might not be the right format for the idea I had.  I do have another idea for it though and will fill you in on that next time.

BOOK REVIEW: Under Heaven by Guy Gavriel Kay

As I have already mentioned I am a total book-worm and have decided from now on I will review all the books I read.  I am delighted that Under Heaven is the first book I am reviewing.  I was lucky enough to win a proof copy of Under Heaven from Voyager Books via twitter.  It is due for release on 29th April.

The characters and storyline of Under Heaven captivated me from beginning to end.  Set in 8th Century China this epic novel is very accomplished.  The four parts take you on quite a journey with beautiful written prose throughout.  I have to highly recommend it.  Without saying too much (as I have tried to check with Voyager if ok to review but no reply yet?) I would say it was like a perfect evening.  All the elements are there, eventually leaving you with an extremely satisfied feeling and the desire to go back and rediscover it all again.

Under Heaven has also I am glad to say got me out of a rut. Without realising I have in recent years tended to stick to the same kind of genres.  Under Heaven is not something I would have discovered in a book store because I probably wouldn’t have even looked in that section.  I am happy to say though that I will be definitely looking to broaden my reading choices from now on.  

Monday, March 29, 2010

Birthday cakes and dreams!

Back from a fabulous weekend in Margate.  Always lovely catching up with family particularly when it involves celebrations and eating as I am very good at both!

I did take a picture of my birthday cake on my mobile phone which I will share on this blog but need my husband to show me how! I really should know but tried previously and failed.  It was my 29th birthday and marks the final year of my twenties and has really made me appreciate how I want to push forward with my ambitions.

I also had a dream this weekend.  I often dream and have some very strange ones which sometimes make me wish my imagination was just as active in the daytime.  This one wasn't very surreal compared to most of the dreams I have but it was part of my subconscious talking.  It was myself, my two cousins and one of their friends. The friend of theirs who I didn't know was reading an e-mail I had written and had started laughing and joking about the language/slang used in the e-mail.  I automatically went to defend myself and explain it was only an e-mail, I had some dyslexic tendencies from old and I was actually a writer or trying to be.  In my dream she continued to laugh and pick holes and my cousins didn't really join in.  I kind of thought they should have come to my defence.  In reality away from the dream world I know this is more about my confidence.  From a younger age because of my previous dyslexia I was always discouraged rather then encouraged by a lot of people.  The one person who never discouraged and always believed in me has been my mum.  When I was younger my infant school teacher told my mum I would never amount to anything and not to hope for big things.  This was at a point when I wrote backwards and upside down and that teacher had already judged where I would get to in life.  Mum championed for me to have special tutor-age at the school specifically for children with dyslexia and it soon turned my fortunes around.  At age 21 having got my 2:1 with honours in Physiotherapy I received a card from that same teacher congratulating me.   I can not recall the number of times in between infant school and graduating from university that I was discouraged from trying to get into physiotherapy.  But it was what I wanted to do and I was determined to do it.  It was this self believe and determination that got me into University.  After being rejected from the conventional route I send out an 'information profile' to every University running the course.  I then got a job as a physiotherapy assistant and figured I would just try again next year but as clearing started two universities phoned and offered me places.  At the time it was the most exciting news I had ever received and within three weeks I had left home and moved to London.  Now I realise I need the same undeterred self believe.  I have found in the past I have taken any discouragement with writing to heart.  Although much of this stems from myself it is important to realise that some of writing is much like the university process.  Originally I wasn't chosen mainly because of the sheer volume of applications but by doing something a bit different and getting myself noticed I was offered a place.  Writing will be much the same I need to expect rejection letters and know that some things will never come to anything but none of that should take away my self-believe or the desire to continue doing what I love.

This week will hopefully see me getting lots done as I only have to work 5 hours in the week and Saturday.  So I am off to go and finish reading Under Heaven.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Book worms and technology!

I like to think I am on the pulse when it comes to technology but really I know generally I'm several months/years behind.  It has been about two weeks since I started this blog and although it is fairly easy to get to grips with there are bits which are taking me a while to learn.  I have managed to work out how to post useful links separately on the side bar and shuffle items about but that is about the limit of what I have managed.  My limit was definitely reached when it comes to doing complicated things with JavaScript.  I would quite like a counter to see how many people have visited my blog and having found one I could use I quickly discovered I had no idea what to do with the JavaScript information.  With time I might get the hang of it, it took me at least 6 weeks to get to grips with twitter, but in the meantime I'll consult some all knowledgeable Java pals.

For now though I am putting my blog to bed for the weekend.  It is my 29th Birthday on Friday (Eek - last year of my twenties!) and tomorrow we are heading to Margate for the weekend to see my family.  It will be a nice break away for a long weekend and will give me plenty of opportunity to finish reading Under Heaven before moving onto my review book from WHSmith.  So I will be a book worm for the weekend.

I am really looking forward to next week as I am only working 2 days so will have lots of free time to write.  I am also going to a workshop at the Art Cafe one evening and have been looking through the information on writing buddies.  Really looking forward to attending my first meeting in April.

I also just looked on the website with the short story I entered last week.  They had a staggering 1511 entries! Quite amazed at the amount of entries but just goes to show.  So if I write another 1500 short stories I should at least win one competition.  

Hope everyone has a great weekend and I will return after being spoilt and over-indulging on Birthday Cake!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Writing Fit!

I have just completed my first work out on my wii fit for some weeks.  I twisted my knee whilst we were skiing at the end of February and went on the wii fit once on return but it made my knee worse so it put me off for a few weeks.  I have to admit my knee has since got much better but what with trying to fit in everything else I have let exercise go to the wayside.  I have been fortunate as in that time I have not put any weight on but I do need to get onto the task of losing it again along with everything else!  With my birthday looming on Friday and a couple of meals out planned I decided it was time to get my exercise and healthy eating regime (bar the meals out and birthday cake!) back on track.  I have a wedding in June (some of my best friends) and have a gorgeous dress I need to lose some pounds to get into! So I definitely need to get back onto it all.

Last night I at long last had a good idea for the story I wanted to change.  This is quite a breakthrough for me as I really do find it difficult changing things and I guess part of this is being able to critique your own work.  I have a whole four days off during the week next week so plenty of time to myself to get on with it.

My husband also gave me the good news last night that I am able to drive our car a few times a week.  It is a company car and they recently changed the insurance company which meant I couldn't drive the car.  They have double checked and this news is fab for getting to any evening events I may want to attend.  It's still not quite the same as having my own car to get about in but it is still better than none at all.

Continuing to read and enjoy Under Heaven so it's dinner for me followed by an early night with a very good book!

Monday, March 22, 2010

My sensible side!

There is a huge part of me that wishes I wasn’t sensible.  Then there is the sensible part of me that realises that life just isn’t that simple. 

If I wasn’t sensible I would throw caution to the wind and give up my job and spend the next few months of my life turning writing into a career.  The sensible part of me knows I am already in debt and have a mortgage to pay.  So my part time job is really the minimum I need to do to stay afloat.  I guess I have to be glad that finally I have got round to spending my spare time on trying to create some path into a writing career for myself.

It is just now any time at work I feel a bit restless.  My job is perfect for what I need, it has routine, it is not complex and I am managing to fit things round it well.  But there is also the notion I’d rather be at home knocking out a 1000 words every day.  Alas the 1000 words won’t pay the bills though.  They may also never come to anything but I have decided to knock those kind of thoughts out of my head.  They are the ones that stop you writing them in the first place.  So I need a little blind faith, hoping that around paying the bills and the mortgage I find enough time to start producing the volumes of work I hope to produce. 

Today has sadly been a wash-out.  I was up at 4 in the morning for the third night in a row struck down by period pains.  This is not something I have been cursed with since my teenage years and it has been an unpleasant few nights.  After being up for some time I finally managed to get back to bed and didn’t merge again until 11 giving me just enough time for a bath and hair wash before heading off to work.  Meeting the girls after work and loving the fact I can for once but it means nothing much else will get done today.

Tomorrow I am working in the morning and will finish at 2 but have to go to the doctor’s to get my immunosuppressant tablets.  As always health remains my number one priority.  So in the short amount of time I must try and do something! 

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Who dunnit?

The murder mystery festivities of the weekend have definitely been enjoyed and I am feeling the effects of the party!  I wasn't the murderer I'm glad to say and the timing of the meal went well and everyone got into the spirit of it.  So have been far to busy shopping, cooking and enjoying myself to squeeze in much else.

I have also had a mammoth amount of sleep this weekend along with suffering the side effects of being a woman.  It has actually been a real pleasure getting lots of sleep as often I just wake up automatically.

So other than some reading I have done very little towards my goals but then...that's what weekends are for :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Setting the scene!

Ah dear! Just had my story read back to me ready for it's publication.  I have asked for some to be changed as it seems even real life can be made fictional! They made a bit up to set the scene but I have told them to tone it down and change it.  I just hope that only a few people we know get hold of it as it will be rather embarrassing.  However it is helping us out and it has been good to get something published even if not entirely in my own wording!

Getting ready for our murder mystery party tomorrow now so not much writing over the weekend.  If I do get any spare time I will continue to read Under Heaven which I am really enjoying! Then next week onto the big project!

Have a great weekend everyone! x

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Big List of Things to do 2010!

Here we have it! The official big list of things to do 2010! I often refer to this in my life although I think this is the first time I have referred to it on this blog.  Basically at the beginning of the year having not managed to be as productive as I would have liked last year I decided to type up my big list of things to do! It resides on the side of the fridge and I cross things of as I go.  I split the tasks into ten different categories and in total there are 79 tasks.

The first category and the most important to me is health.  Essentially I gave up a very good career in order to protect and maintain my health and as part of that I am also trying to lose weight.  To date I have lost a stone and over the course of this year I want to lose two more stone.  So far I have lost half a stone this year and am on target to lose my goal but this is a task that requires me to work on it every week and wait for the results to come along.

The second category is financial.  We went travelling for four months for our honeymoon.  I had hoped this time off would give my body's immune system the chance to recover but I realised whilst away it would take longer than that so I took the decision to change job.  It means that it will take us quite a bit longer than hoped to pay off our honeymoon but we hope to pay it off by next year.  We have set ourselves targets to try and pay off and these goals relate to those targets and saving money.

The third is a boring and thankfully short category of paperwork.  Some necessarily mundane bits I must do!

The fourth is probably the next most important one for me.  It is what this blog is about and it is the writing tasks I have set myself this year.  I have been steaming through this one the past couple of weeks but only on the short tasks! Still to get my teeth into something longer.

The fifth and sixth are household bits and pieces and garden project.  The house bits are the things that need doing but I still haven't got round to it.  The garden project is something I have been meaning to do for the last two years but because of circumstance and ill health I haven't been able to.  I am determined to sort it this year with the overall aim of having a BBQ in the summer.  This won't be easy to achieve due to the amount of graft involved.  I have been out there already to start clearing the path but got scratched in the face and haven't been out there again.  Only just becoming spring though so don't feel like I am slacking.

The seventh is creative projects which includes getting my sewing machine out.  These are the kind of things I love alongside writing.  When I was younger I used to do stuff like the items in this section all the time but earning money and keeping the roof over our head at some point took over.  This is just the start of me getting back to those things.

The eighth I called leisure and is essentially a list of friends who we must take time to catch up with this year.  As I went to Uni in London we have friends who are spread out a little and it is always good to make time and catch up with them all.

Number nine is kind of a cheat as I just named it regulars and these are the things I do most days mainly to earn a little money and help pay of the debts (in an impoverished writer kinda way!!)

Last at number 10 is competition wishes! As I have mentioned before over the past couple of years I have entered competitions and have been very lucky with what I have won.  I added to the list 5 competition wishes so I can put extra effort towards winning those particular things.  Already I have managed to cross two off.  One was to win anything that saved us money and we have been lucky enough to win fruit and veg (one box a month) for the year.  The other was any baby bits (as we are hoping to start trying next year) and I won a lovely prize of baby change bag carried etc!

So the list is quite mixed and varied and feels like there is still lots to do.  Some tasks would only take a day but it is finding a day to do them.  Others will take weeks and it is persevering with a task that takes some time to show any results.

So I will let you know how I am progressing with these tasks alongside the all important writing!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Keeping pen and paper on hand!

Just finished my interview with a magazine for the article I sent in! Quite nerve-racking really so glad it's done.  They only phoned today and it was such short notice as they have brought the item forward so will be in Issue 17 coming out on 22nd April! Much sooner than I thought but really pleased! Will wait until everything is completely confirmed until I let you know what magazine it is!  The final story will be read out to me to be okayed before it is published.

I managed to write the flash fiction story this morning.  It was hard like I thought with such a low word count and I only have three words to spare.  I would have liked to add a couple more sentences but think it is okay as it is.  It is safe to say I will be having a little jiggle with it before I submit it.

So I now have two mornings were I can opt to go early to work giving me about two hours each day to work on whatever I like.  I need to work on this long story but I know I am avoiding it.  I think this is mainly because I want to change the story line but really struggle with this on occasions.  I also don't have a better idea yet to change it with.  I know I need to crack on with it otherwise I may never get it done but I find it a lot harder to focus on one task when you don't have the time you need to allow it.  Instead I may try and use that time to continue reading Under Heaven.  It is a rather mammoth book with 560 pages and today I have received my book from WHSmith to review so I want to read and review both as soon as possible.  Then next week when I have a little more time (Working afternoons Mon - Weds) I can spend the mornings coming up with a new version of my Bridport submission.  And on the off chance I come up with an idea in the meantime I will have my trusty pen and paper on hand!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fitting it all in.

I have to admit I feel like I am utilising every minute right now and squeezing in everything I can.  I work 5 hours a day most weeks although have different shifts as I am part time.  Travelling to and from work reading my book, working, continuing to enter competitions to help get some luxuries in life and doing as much writing as possible.  This weekend I have also planned a murder mystery dinner party with friends coming over. So I also have to plan what to cook, buy the food, sort out fancy dress including making a nun habit for my husband and discover a way to seat eight people around our rather small dining room table that can just about seat six!

I had hoped to have made a start on the flash fiction piece by now but as yet the idea I had remains that.  So I have a plan for the next three days, let's just hope I stick to it!  My work shift is 10-3 for the next three days so my plan is to get a lift into work with my husband.  This means I will arrive about 2 hours early but with my laptop in tow I will lodge myself in the basement (staff room) and set to writing.  The advantage of doing this is mainly removing the distractions of home and I don't really have internet access their so the distractions of twitter and the like will also be removed.  Then once I have finished work at 3 I can spend the afternoon carrying on with everything else.  By committing this time it should in the least mean getting the flash fiction piece of work finished.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Flash Fiction

There is no doubt writing this blog is fuelling my enthusiasm and creativity with writing.  I figured after my last blog I would give myself the rest of the weekend off but having mentioned the Naughty Nights UK short story competition I thought of an idea for a story.  So after the housework I managed to write just under 1000 words and submitted it.  I never realised I could be so productive.

I have also come up with an idea for the flash fiction story for the Bridport Award.  This is going to be really tricky and a format I have never tried before.  Trying to convey a story in only 250 words will be a big ask to format something that works.  I can imagine writing 500 words then having to take big chunks out and hope it makes sense.  I will write it tomorrow afternoon after work whilst the idea is still fairly fresh in my head.  Will let you know what my word count ends up at.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Avoiding the Lull!

This past week has been amazing having very quickly completed two tasks - one small project which will be published hence achieving another goal.

I'm now slightly worried about the next stage as the efforts of writing do not normally see such quick and positive results.  It has often occurred to me the process can be quite lonely often without feedback until you get near to an end product.  I think my self-believe needs to be a little stronger than it has been in the past and begin to believe not only are my ideas good but I can achieve a good end result as well. 

There is also the reality of everyday life.  I am presently half way through the washing up and by the end of the weekend I need to make sure the table is clear of junk to give me some extra writing space.  This is alongside all the normal housework that needs doing.  These are the kind of things that have always distracted me from getting on with writing projects.  I'm determined for that not to happen now though and have informed my hubby the writing gets done before the housework! Although at the same time I do need to do the housework to create calm in my mind!  So in order to prepare for next week I'm going to blitz it today!

So my plan for the next week includes attempting to finish my entry for The Bridport Prize.  I noticed they also have a new category this year called Flash Fiction which I quite fancy having a stab at.  I have also started reading Under Heaven by Guy Gavriel Kay.  I was lucky enough to win this proof copy from Voyager Books via twitter.  Under Heaven isn't out until the end of April so my plan is to review it once I have finished reading.

If any one has a bit of free time this weekend and fancies some more adventurous writing this weekend there is this Erotic Short Story Competition from Naughty Nights UK.  May enter myself if I have some time tomorrow.

Enjoy your weekend everyone and I'll blog again on Monday x

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Good news and the Art Cafe

After speaking to my husband yesturday he decided he was happy for the story to include our details and pictures.  This is great news because not only does it mean the story will be published it also means that the medical condition (a rare form of cancer) will get a bit of publicity.  They have already confirmed they want to run the story and have offered us payment.  No idea how long it will be until it is published as often these things are planned months in advance.  It will also include a phonecall interview so will let you know when that happens and how it goes!

I have also made a wonderful discovery! I have always enjoyed and benefited from carrying out hobbies in groups.  In the past I have enjoyed being parts of drama groups etc.  To date I have never been part of a writing group and always thought I would benefit from it.  There is a local writer's group called Southamptons Writers Circle.  There meetings are in a pub a bit out of the way and they only run part of the year.  I was considering joining them but as I do not have my own transport at the moment it makes it difficult. 
My new discovery though appears to be a perfect solution.  The Art House Cafe and Gallery opened up a while ago near Southampton Library.  I have admired it on passing but never realised all the activity that goes on there until a customer at Shopmobility mentioned it.  I went on to the website and found they have two different writing groups.  These tie in quite nicely with my working hours and is really near to work and on my bus route.  So I have chalked into my diary to attend Writing Buddies on 9th April and Write on Writers for 13th April.  Will be a great opportunity to meet other writers and see if a group environment helps move my writing forward!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Little Jumps of Joy

Actually did a little jump of joy whilst listening to a voice mail after work yesterday.  It was a lady from ipc media interested in running the story I had sent.  The only problem being they would not be able to keep the details confidential as they don't tend to with that particular magazine.  The story is a personal one and my husband wanted to keep it confidential which is very understandable.  So sadly it looks like it won't be published but I can at least hold on to the fact they wanted to publish it.

If that wasn't enough I was also picked by WHSmith on twitter to review a book for them.  No idea what book I will be reviewing but will be a nice surprise when it arrives in the next couple of days.  I am an absolute book worm and love to read so have decided I will now try and review books I have read as good writing practice.

My goodies I won from the caption competition arrived very quickly from the parcel postie this morning!  Really lovely set of goodies I can look forward to enjoying.

So a whirlwind 24 hours - really feeling encouraged and will continue to crack on!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Caption Winner!

I was amazed to receive an e-mail from Cafe Direct yesterday letting me know I had won their Friday Fun Caption Competition.

The photo and all entries can be seen here

My caption was In the Cafe Direct musical statue contest Chrissie opts for the “I’m a little teapot”.  I have won a lovely set of Cafédirect goodies, a Bodum cafétiere, two Cafédirect mugs and some gorgeous Divine chocolate with raspberries!

This has really cheered me up as I never expected to win and even though it is only one sentence it's so nice they chose mine.

I have to admit since starting this blog even though it has only been a few days it has really fuelled me into action and have managed more in the past few days than the last two months.

Yesturday I managed to e-mail off two stories I wrote last year.  I have no real expectations of anything happening with either of them but I can live in hope.  All I can hope is to create opportunities for myself and eventually it may come to something.  I also managed to print off a story I haven't finished, it is presently 3000 words long.  I plan to be very ambitious and enter it into the Bridport Short Story Competition so the end product will be nearer to 5000 words.  This is what I plan to work on presently.  I have also found out about a a local art cafe which has me very excited - will tell you more about that tomorrow

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Little About Me!

I have just updated my bio with a bit of information about why I have started this blog.  So here is the story behind why I am writing this blog:

Ever since I can remember I have written as a hobby. This blog is about me trying to turn my hobby into something more than a hobby. Born in Margate, Kent in 1981 I left home to train as a physiotherapist in London. After qualifying in 2002 I moved to Southampton and worked for the next 6 years in the NHS. Shortly after qualifying I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis following several years with an eye condition. Gradually with a combination of my illness and the side effects of many medications I opted to leave the NHS to safeguard my future health. I now work part-time in a Shopmobility and have been concentrating on improving my health. Now my health is improving I am spending more time concentrating on my writing. This blog will outline the projects I am getting on with, how I get on, any competitions I plan to enter them into and anything else that may be of interest.

Off to go and work on La rge Project 1 ;)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Writing Calender

For the larger writing tasks I plan to do I will be doing some short stories and then entering them into writing competitions.  Entering competitions has become a hobby of mine over the past few years.  I have been extremely lucky over the past three years and have won some amazing prizes which were luxuries I would never have afforded.  These have included a holiday to Australia, a long weekend in Russia and a skiing holiday in France.  These have all been from answering simple questions and taking the time and effort to enter.  Entering writing competitions will clearly take a lot more effort and I figure I will have to enter lots to ever win one but I'll go with the saying it's the taking part that counts! I found a very useful website the other day which lists many of the upcoming writing competitions
I have one story I have started but need to finish and this is one of my over 3000 word projects.  This next week I plan to work on that along with deciding on a competition to enter it into.  I also need to get to grips with blogspot a bit more including how to do a spell check?!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

My first poem from 1993!

I managed to spend most of yesturday afternoon typing up poems I had written in my teen years.  They have been bundled together for years but I have never typed them up or done anything with them.  It brought back some memories that otherwise might have been forgotten and I have to admit enjoying going through them even if they were full of teenage angst! The earliest ones are dated 1993 when I would have been the grand age of 13.The following is the first poem I ever remember writing.  I used to love, rather strangely visiting Margate cemetory and I wrote this after noticing the unmarked graves up there.

Soldiers Unknown

We have not met
But we shall meet

I am not dead
For I still live

All thanks to you
And your fellowmen

Your memory lives on

From a child for who you fought and saved

Friday, March 5, 2010

Katy's Little Meows

This year I set myself some relatively unspecified writing tasks.

  • Complete six small writing tasks ( Less than 3000 words)
  • Complete three large writing tasks (More than 3000 words)
  • Get two of them published.
They are unspecified as writing is a relative stab in the dark for me. I managed to get two short stories published last year but am willing to try my hand at anything as long as I enjoy writing it. So this blog is to assist with my momentum in getting there.

I will apologise now for any spelling/grammer mistakes on this blog. I have dyslexic habits some of which I am not always aware of but have come to the conclusion why should such things stop me doing what I enjoy. Like an athlete might home in his timing I believe this will get better with time and practice.

So this blog is to help encourage myself with my tasks, to generally cheer-lead myself in the hope that others choose to cheer me along in the process.

The first task I am giving myself is to type up all the poems I have written. I have written poems since my teen years but they have always remained on paper. After typing up I plan to complete any unfinished ones and then enter at least three into competitions.

Ideally I will blog every day to keep up the momentum not necessarily chatting about writing. Finger's crossed I manage to keep it up!