Saturday, March 13, 2010

Avoiding the Lull!

This past week has been amazing having very quickly completed two tasks - one small project which will be published hence achieving another goal.

I'm now slightly worried about the next stage as the efforts of writing do not normally see such quick and positive results.  It has often occurred to me the process can be quite lonely often without feedback until you get near to an end product.  I think my self-believe needs to be a little stronger than it has been in the past and begin to believe not only are my ideas good but I can achieve a good end result as well. 

There is also the reality of everyday life.  I am presently half way through the washing up and by the end of the weekend I need to make sure the table is clear of junk to give me some extra writing space.  This is alongside all the normal housework that needs doing.  These are the kind of things that have always distracted me from getting on with writing projects.  I'm determined for that not to happen now though and have informed my hubby the writing gets done before the housework! Although at the same time I do need to do the housework to create calm in my mind!  So in order to prepare for next week I'm going to blitz it today!

So my plan for the next week includes attempting to finish my entry for The Bridport Prize.  I noticed they also have a new category this year called Flash Fiction which I quite fancy having a stab at.  I have also started reading Under Heaven by Guy Gavriel Kay.  I was lucky enough to win this proof copy from Voyager Books via twitter.  Under Heaven isn't out until the end of April so my plan is to review it once I have finished reading.

If any one has a bit of free time this weekend and fancies some more adventurous writing this weekend there is this Erotic Short Story Competition from Naughty Nights UK.  May enter myself if I have some time tomorrow.

Enjoy your weekend everyone and I'll blog again on Monday x

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