Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Big List of Things to do 2010!

Here we have it! The official big list of things to do 2010! I often refer to this in my life although I think this is the first time I have referred to it on this blog.  Basically at the beginning of the year having not managed to be as productive as I would have liked last year I decided to type up my big list of things to do! It resides on the side of the fridge and I cross things of as I go.  I split the tasks into ten different categories and in total there are 79 tasks.

The first category and the most important to me is health.  Essentially I gave up a very good career in order to protect and maintain my health and as part of that I am also trying to lose weight.  To date I have lost a stone and over the course of this year I want to lose two more stone.  So far I have lost half a stone this year and am on target to lose my goal but this is a task that requires me to work on it every week and wait for the results to come along.

The second category is financial.  We went travelling for four months for our honeymoon.  I had hoped this time off would give my body's immune system the chance to recover but I realised whilst away it would take longer than that so I took the decision to change job.  It means that it will take us quite a bit longer than hoped to pay off our honeymoon but we hope to pay it off by next year.  We have set ourselves targets to try and pay off and these goals relate to those targets and saving money.

The third is a boring and thankfully short category of paperwork.  Some necessarily mundane bits I must do!

The fourth is probably the next most important one for me.  It is what this blog is about and it is the writing tasks I have set myself this year.  I have been steaming through this one the past couple of weeks but only on the short tasks! Still to get my teeth into something longer.

The fifth and sixth are household bits and pieces and garden project.  The house bits are the things that need doing but I still haven't got round to it.  The garden project is something I have been meaning to do for the last two years but because of circumstance and ill health I haven't been able to.  I am determined to sort it this year with the overall aim of having a BBQ in the summer.  This won't be easy to achieve due to the amount of graft involved.  I have been out there already to start clearing the path but got scratched in the face and haven't been out there again.  Only just becoming spring though so don't feel like I am slacking.

The seventh is creative projects which includes getting my sewing machine out.  These are the kind of things I love alongside writing.  When I was younger I used to do stuff like the items in this section all the time but earning money and keeping the roof over our head at some point took over.  This is just the start of me getting back to those things.

The eighth I called leisure and is essentially a list of friends who we must take time to catch up with this year.  As I went to Uni in London we have friends who are spread out a little and it is always good to make time and catch up with them all.

Number nine is kind of a cheat as I just named it regulars and these are the things I do most days mainly to earn a little money and help pay of the debts (in an impoverished writer kinda way!!)

Last at number 10 is competition wishes! As I have mentioned before over the past couple of years I have entered competitions and have been very lucky with what I have won.  I added to the list 5 competition wishes so I can put extra effort towards winning those particular things.  Already I have managed to cross two off.  One was to win anything that saved us money and we have been lucky enough to win fruit and veg (one box a month) for the year.  The other was any baby bits (as we are hoping to start trying next year) and I won a lovely prize of baby change bag carried etc!

So the list is quite mixed and varied and feels like there is still lots to do.  Some tasks would only take a day but it is finding a day to do them.  Others will take weeks and it is persevering with a task that takes some time to show any results.

So I will let you know how I am progressing with these tasks alongside the all important writing!

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