Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Book worms and technology!

I like to think I am on the pulse when it comes to technology but really I know generally I'm several months/years behind.  It has been about two weeks since I started this blog and although it is fairly easy to get to grips with there are bits which are taking me a while to learn.  I have managed to work out how to post useful links separately on the side bar and shuffle items about but that is about the limit of what I have managed.  My limit was definitely reached when it comes to doing complicated things with JavaScript.  I would quite like a counter to see how many people have visited my blog and having found one I could use I quickly discovered I had no idea what to do with the JavaScript information.  With time I might get the hang of it, it took me at least 6 weeks to get to grips with twitter, but in the meantime I'll consult some all knowledgeable Java pals.

For now though I am putting my blog to bed for the weekend.  It is my 29th Birthday on Friday (Eek - last year of my twenties!) and tomorrow we are heading to Margate for the weekend to see my family.  It will be a nice break away for a long weekend and will give me plenty of opportunity to finish reading Under Heaven before moving onto my review book from WHSmith.  So I will be a book worm for the weekend.

I am really looking forward to next week as I am only working 2 days so will have lots of free time to write.  I am also going to a workshop at the Art Cafe one evening and have been looking through the information on writing buddies.  Really looking forward to attending my first meeting in April.

I also just looked on the website with the short story I entered last week.  They had a staggering 1511 entries! Quite amazed at the amount of entries but just goes to show.  So if I write another 1500 short stories I should at least win one competition.  

Hope everyone has a great weekend and I will return after being spoilt and over-indulging on Birthday Cake!!

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