Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Few Writing Competitions and other drivel!

I have been a tad lax with blogging the past week but hopefully I will make up for it this coming week.  It has partly been because I have had my head stuck in a book. A place I often like to find myself.  Under Heaven was really a fantastic read and I enjoyed it far more than I expected to.  I have written up a short review but have not said too much as I am still waiting to be told it was okay to review but I am pretty sure it will be fine.  It means I can now crack on with reading my review book from WHSmith.  This one is fortunately not the same size as the last so shouldn't take so long to read.

I thought I would take the opportunity to include a couple of writing competitions I have come across.  All of these are free to enter writing competitions.  I tend to keep my eye for them more than the mainstream competitions where there tends to be an entry fee.  Not much of a budget for entry fees unfortunately and I am sure many wannabe writers like myself are the same.  I will keep my eye out for any other similar competitions and post them.

For anyone who fancies themselves as a children's writer there is this competition being run by Munch Bunch. They have just extended the closing date until 25th June.  They are looking for an original children's story between 600-800 words and must start“Once upon a Munch Time, there was a cow called Munch…”

Another children's bath time story can be found here. This is being run in conjunction with Halo and Horns and ends on 4th April so not long to enter but max 150 words so very do-able!

A fun little competition being run by Microsoft is called "Where's the Any Key?".  They are looking for short funny IT stories.  It is running until 20th May and they are selecting weekly winners who get their story transformed into a cartoon strip.  There are some good prizes so have a look!

There is also a crime-writing competition running on Alibi.  Again there is a starting line to get you on your way.  The story needs to be between 2000 - 5000 words.  A fantastic prize on offer to the finalists and winner.  The closing date for this one is the 16th May.

As for my projects this week I am going to edit the flash fiction piece I wrote and get it ready to enter to Bridport.  I had also planned to enter a short story into this but I have decided this might not be the right format for the idea I had.  I do have another idea for it though and will fill you in on that next time.

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