Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fitting it all in.

I have to admit I feel like I am utilising every minute right now and squeezing in everything I can.  I work 5 hours a day most weeks although have different shifts as I am part time.  Travelling to and from work reading my book, working, continuing to enter competitions to help get some luxuries in life and doing as much writing as possible.  This weekend I have also planned a murder mystery dinner party with friends coming over. So I also have to plan what to cook, buy the food, sort out fancy dress including making a nun habit for my husband and discover a way to seat eight people around our rather small dining room table that can just about seat six!

I had hoped to have made a start on the flash fiction piece by now but as yet the idea I had remains that.  So I have a plan for the next three days, let's just hope I stick to it!  My work shift is 10-3 for the next three days so my plan is to get a lift into work with my husband.  This means I will arrive about 2 hours early but with my laptop in tow I will lodge myself in the basement (staff room) and set to writing.  The advantage of doing this is mainly removing the distractions of home and I don't really have internet access their so the distractions of twitter and the like will also be removed.  Then once I have finished work at 3 I can spend the afternoon carrying on with everything else.  By committing this time it should in the least mean getting the flash fiction piece of work finished.

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