Sunday, March 14, 2010

Flash Fiction

There is no doubt writing this blog is fuelling my enthusiasm and creativity with writing.  I figured after my last blog I would give myself the rest of the weekend off but having mentioned the Naughty Nights UK short story competition I thought of an idea for a story.  So after the housework I managed to write just under 1000 words and submitted it.  I never realised I could be so productive.

I have also come up with an idea for the flash fiction story for the Bridport Award.  This is going to be really tricky and a format I have never tried before.  Trying to convey a story in only 250 words will be a big ask to format something that works.  I can imagine writing 500 words then having to take big chunks out and hope it makes sense.  I will write it tomorrow afternoon after work whilst the idea is still fairly fresh in my head.  Will let you know what my word count ends up at.

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