Thursday, March 11, 2010

Good news and the Art Cafe

After speaking to my husband yesturday he decided he was happy for the story to include our details and pictures.  This is great news because not only does it mean the story will be published it also means that the medical condition (a rare form of cancer) will get a bit of publicity.  They have already confirmed they want to run the story and have offered us payment.  No idea how long it will be until it is published as often these things are planned months in advance.  It will also include a phonecall interview so will let you know when that happens and how it goes!

I have also made a wonderful discovery! I have always enjoyed and benefited from carrying out hobbies in groups.  In the past I have enjoyed being parts of drama groups etc.  To date I have never been part of a writing group and always thought I would benefit from it.  There is a local writer's group called Southamptons Writers Circle.  There meetings are in a pub a bit out of the way and they only run part of the year.  I was considering joining them but as I do not have my own transport at the moment it makes it difficult. 
My new discovery though appears to be a perfect solution.  The Art House Cafe and Gallery opened up a while ago near Southampton Library.  I have admired it on passing but never realised all the activity that goes on there until a customer at Shopmobility mentioned it.  I went on to the website and found they have two different writing groups.  These tie in quite nicely with my working hours and is really near to work and on my bus route.  So I have chalked into my diary to attend Writing Buddies on 9th April and Write on Writers for 13th April.  Will be a great opportunity to meet other writers and see if a group environment helps move my writing forward!

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