Friday, March 5, 2010

Katy's Little Meows

This year I set myself some relatively unspecified writing tasks.

  • Complete six small writing tasks ( Less than 3000 words)
  • Complete three large writing tasks (More than 3000 words)
  • Get two of them published.
They are unspecified as writing is a relative stab in the dark for me. I managed to get two short stories published last year but am willing to try my hand at anything as long as I enjoy writing it. So this blog is to assist with my momentum in getting there.

I will apologise now for any spelling/grammer mistakes on this blog. I have dyslexic habits some of which I am not always aware of but have come to the conclusion why should such things stop me doing what I enjoy. Like an athlete might home in his timing I believe this will get better with time and practice.

So this blog is to help encourage myself with my tasks, to generally cheer-lead myself in the hope that others choose to cheer me along in the process.

The first task I am giving myself is to type up all the poems I have written. I have written poems since my teen years but they have always remained on paper. After typing up I plan to complete any unfinished ones and then enter at least three into competitions.

Ideally I will blog every day to keep up the momentum not necessarily chatting about writing. Finger's crossed I manage to keep it up!

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