Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Keeping pen and paper on hand!

Just finished my interview with a magazine for the article I sent in! Quite nerve-racking really so glad it's done.  They only phoned today and it was such short notice as they have brought the item forward so will be in Issue 17 coming out on 22nd April! Much sooner than I thought but really pleased! Will wait until everything is completely confirmed until I let you know what magazine it is!  The final story will be read out to me to be okayed before it is published.

I managed to write the flash fiction story this morning.  It was hard like I thought with such a low word count and I only have three words to spare.  I would have liked to add a couple more sentences but think it is okay as it is.  It is safe to say I will be having a little jiggle with it before I submit it.

So I now have two mornings were I can opt to go early to work giving me about two hours each day to work on whatever I like.  I need to work on this long story but I know I am avoiding it.  I think this is mainly because I want to change the story line but really struggle with this on occasions.  I also don't have a better idea yet to change it with.  I know I need to crack on with it otherwise I may never get it done but I find it a lot harder to focus on one task when you don't have the time you need to allow it.  Instead I may try and use that time to continue reading Under Heaven.  It is a rather mammoth book with 560 pages and today I have received my book from WHSmith to review so I want to read and review both as soon as possible.  Then next week when I have a little more time (Working afternoons Mon - Weds) I can spend the mornings coming up with a new version of my Bridport submission.  And on the off chance I come up with an idea in the meantime I will have my trusty pen and paper on hand!

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