Saturday, March 6, 2010

My first poem from 1993!

I managed to spend most of yesturday afternoon typing up poems I had written in my teen years.  They have been bundled together for years but I have never typed them up or done anything with them.  It brought back some memories that otherwise might have been forgotten and I have to admit enjoying going through them even if they were full of teenage angst! The earliest ones are dated 1993 when I would have been the grand age of 13.The following is the first poem I ever remember writing.  I used to love, rather strangely visiting Margate cemetory and I wrote this after noticing the unmarked graves up there.

Soldiers Unknown

We have not met
But we shall meet

I am not dead
For I still live

All thanks to you
And your fellowmen

Your memory lives on

From a child for who you fought and saved

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