Sunday, March 7, 2010

Writing Calender

For the larger writing tasks I plan to do I will be doing some short stories and then entering them into writing competitions.  Entering competitions has become a hobby of mine over the past few years.  I have been extremely lucky over the past three years and have won some amazing prizes which were luxuries I would never have afforded.  These have included a holiday to Australia, a long weekend in Russia and a skiing holiday in France.  These have all been from answering simple questions and taking the time and effort to enter.  Entering writing competitions will clearly take a lot more effort and I figure I will have to enter lots to ever win one but I'll go with the saying it's the taking part that counts! I found a very useful website the other day which lists many of the upcoming writing competitions
I have one story I have started but need to finish and this is one of my over 3000 word projects.  This next week I plan to work on that along with deciding on a competition to enter it into.  I also need to get to grips with blogspot a bit more including how to do a spell check?!

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