Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Writing Fit!

I have just completed my first work out on my wii fit for some weeks.  I twisted my knee whilst we were skiing at the end of February and went on the wii fit once on return but it made my knee worse so it put me off for a few weeks.  I have to admit my knee has since got much better but what with trying to fit in everything else I have let exercise go to the wayside.  I have been fortunate as in that time I have not put any weight on but I do need to get onto the task of losing it again along with everything else!  With my birthday looming on Friday and a couple of meals out planned I decided it was time to get my exercise and healthy eating regime (bar the meals out and birthday cake!) back on track.  I have a wedding in June (some of my best friends) and have a gorgeous dress I need to lose some pounds to get into! So I definitely need to get back onto it all.

Last night I at long last had a good idea for the story I wanted to change.  This is quite a breakthrough for me as I really do find it difficult changing things and I guess part of this is being able to critique your own work.  I have a whole four days off during the week next week so plenty of time to myself to get on with it.

My husband also gave me the good news last night that I am able to drive our car a few times a week.  It is a company car and they recently changed the insurance company which meant I couldn't drive the car.  They have double checked and this news is fab for getting to any evening events I may want to attend.  It's still not quite the same as having my own car to get about in but it is still better than none at all.

Continuing to read and enjoy Under Heaven so it's dinner for me followed by an early night with a very good book!

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