Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Sticking to one project or deciding which direction to head in has always been a bit of a problem for me.  I tend to flit from one idea to another and end up doing three projects partly but don't complete one of them.  I guess that is the point I am at the moment.  I am part way through reading the book for review, part way through the playwright and haven't completely finished off the flash fiction piece.  This is alongside me looking into available courses and despairing at the prices and so am planning to do a bit of self-teaching via the library books available.

There is a real danger at this point of not completing any of the projects I have started.  I have a real sense of starting off strong and then being distracted by whatever comes my way.  But fortunately that is the whole point of this blog.  To rally myself into sticking to these projects and seeing them through to the finish.

I feel as if the wind has left my sails a little with regards to the play.  Mainly because I have lost my way a little with the story.  However I have brain-stormed it a little more and now just need to get back to work on it.  As it is only the beginning of April I am giving myself an aim of completing the first draft of this by the end of April.  This should be very achievable I just to make sure I allocate the time needed for it.  

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  1. Katy, this is very common to many of us. When I was finishing my PhD, I decided to start a personal blog in order to write more, every day, even though I wasn't writing PhD things. It helped me ENOURMOUSLY to stay focused on the *process* of writing and enabled me to get going anytime and anywhere. In fact, much later, I wrote this:

    I kid you not, now I can sit down and begin to work at a second's notice, whether I am in a Starbucks, in my own kitchen or only carrying a notebook and a pen. And, of course, do not underestimate the learning experience that flitting from project to project is; when you are a writer, you will eventually deal with many complementary tasks which may feel almost unrelated to the writing itself (honestly... I went through millions of emails regarding book cover design and I didn't even CARE!) but which need tending to.

    Anyway... I could go on for ages and ages...! Keep going, keep writing... after all Leonardo (Da Vinci, not Di Caprio) was known for flitting from drawing to painting to biology to anatomy and he was a genius, right?

    All the best,