Friday, April 30, 2010

It's Out!

A week later than expected the piece for Pick Me Up magazine is out.  You can find the story about my husband and me on page 43.  The piece I originally wrote was more from a clinical angle and Tanya who has re-written the wording has made it more in keeping with Pick Me Up magazine.  Although it is published it is not entirely my own work but I'm still counting it as one of my two for getting items published this year.

Well it has been a bit of a funny week where I feel I have had my foot on and off the accelerator and not too sure which direction I'm heading! After a productive Monday I've had a couple of quieter days and neglected to remember the end of the month was coming up so spent yesterday doing some competition entries.  The result is I have got very little writing done but lots in other areas of life.

I have often thought about giving up entering competitions as they do eat into my time but on the other hand if I didn't then we wouldn't have gone skiing in February or be heading to the Christmas markets later this year.  So I have compromised and don't enter as many but still enter in the hope it supplies the luxuries that my writing presently doesn't.

Although I do want to be getting on with my writing projects this is the first ever entire bank holiday weekend I have had off since starting my job at WestQuay Shopmobility so I will be enjoying spending some time with my hubby.  So my aim for the next week is to send off my flash fiction entry, continue with the second draft of my playwright, continue reading books for review and consider some ideas for the Writing Buddies Anthology.  Sounds like plenty to me!

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