Saturday, April 24, 2010

Keeping up the momentum.

Yesterday I attended Writing Buddies for a second time and had the pleasure of meeting Penny Legg who originally set up the group.  For some reason I assumed it had been going for some time but I learnt that the group is just coming up for it's first anniversary.  There are plans for an anthology to celebrate the first anniversary.

I am finding the group very helpful with lots of information from some very experienced writers.  As I am relatively new to writing I have to admit to finding the group very beneficial and am sure I will get lots out of it by continuing to attend.

At present I am considering the prospect of taking on a larger project.  To be honest I find the concept quite daunting.  Much of this is down to confidence and as discussed by others yesterday this is an issue most writers seem to battle with.  Knowing that it is not just me that struggles with confidence does give me some hope that I can overcome it and the main way to do that is to just carry on writing.  So before the end of the year I plan to start a big project and will make this the third of my large projects I planned to do this year.

For this week I will be making sure I get some projects finished though.  I plan to do the second draft of the play I am writing and get the flash fiction piece I have done sent off.


  1. Hi Kate, it was good to meet you too! I am sorry I was not at your first meeting. Life is a bit busy at the moment, what with the York Festival of Writing, the London Book Fair, and writing deadlines. I am glad you found us though and that you feel you are benefiting from the group.

    Confidence is a big thing when you are a writer. Will what you have written be interesting to others? Will anyone want to read it? Will an editor want to publish it? Do we have our fingers on the pulse, so to speak? All of these are questions we ask and the question of confidence is one of several reasons that I set up Writing Buddies. Writers get stuck in their garret and don't always have the opportunity to bounce ideas around, to see if they are viable.

    I look forward to meeting you at the next Writing Buddies meeting,by which time, hopefully, your piece in Pick Me Up magazine will have been published.

  2. Hi Penny,

    You have certainly been busy and great that you find time for such a great project with Writing Buddies.

    I think a large percentage of not doing more has been down to my confidence. I am vowing to ignore that demon with the help of this blog and ventures like Writing Buddies.

    The article is in this Thursday.

    Look forward to seeing you again at the next meeting.