Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Organising my twitter lists.

I have been on twitter since about October.  It took me a while to get used to twitter and after following lots of people for some time I now think I should sort them out into lists.  Only got round to it this morning but hopefully if will be helpful for others looking at my profile.  I have listed them in various book related categories mainly publishers, bookshops, authors & writers and literary festivals.  In particular I had spoken to the Writing Buddies about publishing houses being on twitter and often opportunities may come up like competitions and the chance to review books.  After going through I was surprised to find the publishers list I created consisted of 47 different groups.  I'm certain there are more but I have never really searched them out rather just come across them.  Another day I may try and look and see if there others to add but that seems plenty for now.

Whilst at the group last week I was also invited to join Writers in Southampton by the lovely Tessa Warburg.  I have e-mailed about this today and their next meeting is on May 6th and I look forward to joining them.  I had found a small amount of information about this group but as I only have short stories published thought I would not be able to join but it turns out I can.

Now back to writing up my play, now one question - how many pages equals an hour??

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