Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Planning Ahead and a One-Liner!

Turns out I might be a fairy godmother myself after performing the heimlich manoeuvre on my friend last night.  A scary couple of minutes where she was choking and being moments off her not breathing and needing an ambulance.  Fortunately it worked and within a short while we were sat round chatting again.

I had planned to head to The Art House tonight to try out the Write on Writers group but have decided I will attend this for the first time in a fortnight.  Instead I happened to chance upon a book that looks very useful on one act plays.

The next three days I am off work so can spend some time on my to do list.  Part of this will be sorting out my Twitter listings in the hope of this being some use to the Writing Buddies.  I am also going to spend as much time as possible on the one act play in the hope of completing a first draft.

I received an e-mail today about a very nice Competition.  The challenge is to write the FIRST LINE of a Nicci French crime short story.  The best first line will then be picked and Nicci will write a short story from that line.  It will then be published in a future novel and you will be credited if picked.  Only one entry per person though so better make sure it's a good opening line.  I will definitely enter this one as I'm sure I can manage one line.  Not sure I can class it as one of my small projects though.  Good luck to anyone who enters this.

Also a note of thanks to Jacqueline for being so complementary about my blog especially as I can only work half of it so far! I hope other Writing Buddies will also find it useful as well.

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