Monday, April 26, 2010

Turning down overtime!

Eeeek! I made a decision today when my boss asked me to do some overtime in June and July.  I did a fair bit of overtime over December and January and it ate into my planned writing time massively.  It meant that over those months I hardly got any writing done and it really made me feel down that I hadn't started getting on with my goals.  So when I was asked today, despite financially needing the money I said NO to the overtime.

I have to admit to being very proud of this decision.  It may sound silly but it is an indication of how much more positive I feel towards writing since starting this blog.  In the past two months my priorities have completely changed and now I plan my day around my writing rather than the other way round.  It means my output has increased significantly and I now feel I am in a position to tackle more ambitious plans.  Of course this does mean making some sacrifices and this is one of the first.  I have come to realise the potential of my writing is worth much more (if only to myself) than any amount overtime would provide me with.

With this small move forward for myself also comes the great news that the article I was expecting last Thursday is being printed this coming Thursday.  The delay in this news is down to the famous volcanic ash cloud as my contact was caught up in Portugal.

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