Sunday, April 25, 2010

Unusual Writing Competitions!

Keeping an eye out for more specialised writing competitions is a good way of increasing your chances of being short-listed or possibly winning.  I always keep my eye out for these kind of opportunities and also locally run writing events.  They do not come up as frequently but when they do they are definitely worth considering.  An example of this is the Creative Writing Competition ran by Arthritis Care.  It is only open to those with arthritis and as I have sarcoidosis which comes under the umbrella of arthritis I am eligible to enter.  This year the theme is 'A letter to my pain'.  I have entered the past two years and the theme has always remained similar and as pain is not a major element of my illness it has been difficult to come up with something.  I will enter again this year as it is another chance to practice my writing skills.  The closing date for this is the end of July and great opportunity for anyone with Arthritis to practice their writing.

It is always worth looking in more unusual places to enter various forms of writing. Jacqueline from Writing Buddies reminded me of this as she recently won a competition after writing a limerick for the British Hedgehog Preservation Society.  So it is always worth keeping your eyes peeled for more unusual competitions such as these!

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