Thursday, April 1, 2010

Where does the time go?

My life feels jam packed at the moment.  I always like to keep myself busy but in the past I have found myself wasting time with the likes of bejewelled blitz when I should be doing something constructive.  I'm glad to say that this blog has changed that and I am squeezing everything in that I can.  These days going into work (the one that pays!) is my respite.

Yesterday I said I had another idea for the story I had thought of.  I have decided it might serve better as a playwright and I started it last night.  My hope is that it can be used by the local amateur dramatics group Maskers.  They have there own studio space so it could be put on their as a one act play.  Would be great if they could so I will put it forward for consideration once I have finished it.

I also came across another short story competition via a fellow tweeter.arp  It is with Harper's Bazaar Magazine.  It is for a 2000 word story but there really isn't very long to enter.  Entries are by post and have to get there by the 12th April so not long to go at all.  Really fancy entering this one but wish I had spotted it earlier.  If I come up with any ideas though I will get something sent.

Tonight I am going to an Erotica Writing Workshop at The Art House in Southampton.  Should be interesting as I have never been to anything like this but hoping it will be helpful.

Better get back to it! Hope everyone is having a good April Fools Day (No April Fools included!)

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