Tuesday, May 4, 2010

All in the name?

I realised over the weekend I have never really explained the title for my blog or my twitter name.  My first name is actually Catherine but in younger days my brother always used to call me Katy.  It was only ever my brother and in all other aspects of life I was called Catherine.  This then got shortened to Cat in my secondary school days.  So at home I was Katy and everywhere else I was Cat.  By the time I left for University Katy had become Katy Little Lady as by that point my 14 year old brother was taller than I was.  So ever since university I have used katylittlelady as my on-line name.  Hence my twitter being @katylittlelady.  So when it came to naming the blog it was a bit of a mix of the two names Katy Little from my nickname and Meow's from the fact my real name is Cat!

The reason I'm talking about this is because a work colleague for sometime has thought my name was Katy and I have never corrected him but I bumped into him the other day.  He called the name Katy out numerous times and I didn't respond once! Opps!  So I guess I'm just saying don't be surprised if I don't respond to anything other than Cat in real life.

It does offer a good pseudonym for the future but I figure it doesn't really mask my identity when I just blogged about it!  I will happily write under both Catherine Miller and Katy Little in the future - here's hoping anyway.

The bank holiday weekend was busy but wonderful and involved no writing whatsoever.  I did get some reading in though and hope to write another book review before the end of the week.  For the rest of today I will be getting through the backlog of my things to do list before heading to work this afternoon.

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