Saturday, May 22, 2010

A fine balance!

Once again my body has been telling me not to over do it!  I have had Sarcoidosis for about 8 years and it mainly effects my eyes but the tablets I have to take have several side effects.  One of which is having a low immune system as I have to take immuno-suppressants.  Over the past few days I have been feeling rather peculiar and so took myself down the doctors.  It turns out I have shingles, although no rash to speak of but my right side is really rather numb which isn't a particularly nice feeling!  It just amazes me how my body has all these different ways of letting me know I'm over-doing it!  So I have slept a lot and am taking five anti-viral tablets a day for a week.  Fortunately I have the weekend to myself and have the opportunity to relax and get myself feeling better.

Hence it is another occasion when no writing has happened but I did manage to finish the paragraph for the guardian competition earlier in week and have just entered that a moment ago.  I am now free of deadlines for a little while so will try and finish 2nd draft of playwright and read another book for review.  At the end of the day though however much this is my dream my health has to come first.  So if I need a kip I'll have one!

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