Friday, May 14, 2010

A grand night out!

Today I got back from London and a really fantastic trip. I think Mum thoroughly enjoyed herself as you can tell from this photo.

We had a bit of fun finding the hotel as unknown to me there are 4 Marriott hotels in very close proximity.  We arrived at what I thought was the hotel we were staying out only to be told we had the wrong one (a common mistake apparently).  As we had already arrived at a very fancy hotel we assumed the hotel we were staying at would be a bit smaller but it turned out to be the grandest of all four with a huge entrance.  The first hotel built off of Park Lane and facing Hyde park.  I say all 4 and know this because we did visit all 4, getting directions off another on the way to ours and finally arriving via taxi to the 4th after being told it was a side entrance later that evening.

Despite the struggle to find the hotel and our slight rush to get to the screening after mis-reading the time we had a fantastic time, fitting lots in on the Thursday and having a relaxing day on the Friday.  The Rebound was a great film which Mum and I really enjoyed but I will write a full review of that in the next few days.

Now it is back to earth with a bump! Travelled back by coach (not one of the very expensive cars parked outside the hotel!) and back to work tomorrow for the next seven days.  I now have lots of writing I want to do and quite a few deadlines over the next two months so will be squeezing some in every available minute.  May even have to follow some of the Writing Buddies advice and start getting up at five in the morning! Eeekk!

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