Thursday, May 27, 2010

Light bulb moments!

All writers must have peak times when they are able to come up with ideas for stories.  We discussed this a few weeks ago at Writing Buddies as to how often staring at a screen will not boost your creativity but often activities  like going for walks or gardening will be the time that ideas pop up.  My ideas often pop up whilst in bed! I often think about ideas before drifting off to sleep and it seems my subconscious allows my dreams to come up with all sorts of things.  Last night was one of those nights and as I was waking from a dream this morning with a fairly imaginative plot I realised with adding a different ending it would make for a great short story or play.  And in my waking moments I also had another idea for a great story.  Just one of those moments where the characters, the story line and even the title just arrive in your head like a lovely surprise present.

I have duly jotted down these ideas and hope to start work on them soon.  I am going to try and be patient as I am a great one for having ideas,starting them but not necessarily finishing them off! It is going to take all my strength to make sure I finish my playwright first, finish the couple of pieces of flash fiction, then write up some short plays before starting this idea.  I know if I plan to approach a novel length story I do need to be far more disciplined in my planning and dedication to the project but I feel more able than ever to take it on.

I wonder if anyone else dreams up some of there plot lines or is it just me?

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