Monday, May 24, 2010

My own messy style!

I love hearing how other writer's plan for their writing.  I am always hoping to get tips from those more experienced than myself.  Recently I went to a talk by Peter Lovesey the crime novelist and he explained how he planned all his writing to such a degree it was not necessary to do a second or third edit and each chapter once written was a finished piece.  I really wish I wrote in this way I'm sure it would be far more economical on my time if I took this approach.

This weekend proved to me what a chaotic writer I am.  I tend to write things up with good old pen and paper and just let my ideas gush out.  I then type them up and set to editing them but I find it quite difficult to do this on the computer without being able to flick through other parts.  So I print it out edit by hand, add any extras then make all the alterations on the computer.  It is rather a hectic approach to writing and the main reason why it takes me so long to produce bigger projects.  Although if I'm honest I'm quite happy with the way I go about writing as it works for me.  It is probably the fact I have done no planning for this playwright that has made my approach messy.  So from now on I will certainly be planning my big projects.  But first I'll try and get this one finished.

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