Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A novice début.

Glad to report that after some delay my playwright is progressing.  I have just finished sorting through it and finally getting it in order so the scene's are achievable for a one act play.  I now just need to work on some of the dialogue and character's but it is a far more structured piece now that just needs some finishing to achieve what I set out for.

It is my hope that it will be strong enough to be considered and shown at Maskers studio.  Maskers are a amateur dramatic company local to me.  I was a member with them about five years ago (can it really be that long?).  Here I am making my acting début with them in Merry Wives of Windsor some years ago!  I rejoined them at the beginning of the year but have only just managed to go to my first event and start re-connecting with some old friends.  Members who have read fiction work of mine previously have been very supportive and I am sure they will help encourage me with my writing.  Once I have this playwright completed I will get some of the maskers to read through it and hopefully give me an honest opinion of what they think.  With any luck it may be considered for future production at the studio.

If not I do have two opportunities coming up for production of 10-15 minute plays.  Again another format I have never worked in but am willing to have a go and keep my fingers crossed.

As I have this blog I think I will have to format a synopsis of the play to let you all know what it is about so I will add that to my list!  Better make a start on the final changes first though.

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