Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Showing not Telling!

It is very easy to doubt yourself as a writer.  I like most other writer's constantly wonder if I am pursuing the right story for the right project.  There are often many ideas floating around in my head but when on paper you suddenly doubt what you started.

Because of my dyslexia I had thought that I might not be able to improve my writing unless I attended a writing course.  I would love to go on a course but total lack of funds would mean this is impossible.  So I have decided to try and teach myself.  Once again I find myself completely lacking in confidence and  full of doubt that I would be able to improve my writing skills myself.  I'm pleased to say it seems I have already been proved wrong.

I am part way through reading Creative Writing (7th Edition) by Adele Ramet and it has already high-lighted to me some key areas where I have been going wrong.  One of the most helpful chapters for me has been about showing not telling.  I looked back on an old story from about 7 years ago and I am definitely telling the story not showing the story.  In more recent short stories I am doing more showing than telling.  It is good to know there has been a transition over time and it also demonstrates where I need to improve.  Before reading this book I hadn't really been able to look at my stories in a constructive manner and wasn't really aware of all my bad habits.  It has reassured me in the sense I know how to move on from here and if I am able to iron out these bad habits I will be able to produce more quality content.

With this new found knowledge I am going to attempt to re-write a first paragraph and enter it into the Orange Fiction competition I mentioned a few days ago.

Hopefully the rest of the book and others will prove just as useful.

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