Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Two Month Review!

It is hard to believe but it is now two months since I started this blog.  I thought it would be a good time to look back on what I have managed and how these have contributed to the goals I initially set out.

  • Complete six small writing tasks ( Less than 3000 words)
  • Complete three large writing tasks (More than 3000 words)
  • Get two of them published.
These were my goals for the year and I was rather annoyed and frustrated with myself when January and February passed and I had only written up one short story.  So the goal of this blog was to get myself in gear and start moving forward with my goals.  I have squeezed quite a lot in over the two months so here is a summary of what I have done.

  • Won a caption competition
  • 2 Book Reviews
  • Sent the one short story (real life) I had written to Pick Me Up and it was published this week
  • Sent entry to Summer Story Competition in She Magazine (One I had written last year)
  • Entered a short story to NNUK story competition (1000 words)
  • Completed Flash Fiction piece for Bridport Prize and entered (250 words)
  • Worked out how to get a counter on my blog - took me some days and several theories!
  • Attended Erotica Writing Workshop
  • Decided to convert short story into playwright and written 1st rough draft
  • Joined Writing Buddies and attended two meetings
  • Entered One Liner competition to start Nicci French short story
  • Rearranged twitter listings to publishers/writers etc
  • Oh and 38 blogs!
So in terms of my goals I think I can officially cross off:

  • Small writing task - NNUK short story
  • Small writing task - Flash fiction piece
  • Small writing task - Pick Me Up piece
  • Published story in Pick Me Up
So that leaves me with 3 large writing tasks, 3 small and the aim of getting at least one published.  I am glad to say that one large project is well under way and I hope to finish that this month.  I also have at least 3 more book reviews lined up (although I am not completely counting these as tasks just something I am enjoying) and I will be entering some smaller projects into the Writing Buddies anthology and these will count to my smaller tasks.  Absolutely no idea what I will task myself with for the two other larger projects.  I have vague plans but will keep these vague until I have finished the first playwright project.  Also enjoying participating in anything that comes along, trying to create opportunities for myself where I see them and learning lots along the way.  Overall I would say these past couple of months have been my most productive in years and I think I will do a similar review in another couple of months to keep a check on myself.  My best advice to anyone wanting to write more (or do anything more for that matter) is start a blog! It's like a check in centre, you can see how you are getting on and hope there are a few people listening! 

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