Sunday, June 27, 2010

Back on track!

Glad to report after my mini meltdown I have managed to get back on track! Whilst the rest of England was watching the football match (don't think I need to go into details) I was multitasking and managed to finish the my 15 minute play.  This is a big relief as I have finished it in plenty of time and can send it off next week.  I also got a couple of other bits done and have an idea for a second 10-15 minute play.  I getting to work on this straight away in the hope I will get it done for Famous for Fifteen.  If I don't manage that I will keep it down to 10 minutes and use it for the anthology.

My husband has kindly been setting up the PC so I can use that when I am at the desk rather than my lap top.  It needs quite a few updates and my work transferred over so hopefully that will be done by next weekend.

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