Sunday, June 6, 2010

Creating a working environment!

At last some 'me' time and it feels much needed.  I have been at full pace the past couple of months and having been ill in the middle I'm not sure I caught up with myself.  Yesterday was my hubby's 28th birthday and we had a nice quiet day and went out for some lunch before I fell asleep for two hours in the afternoon.  Good job I had brought him an XBOX game for his birthday and he was quite happy to be playing that for most of the day.  We now have the rest of the week off and are heading for Essex on Monday for a wedding then to Kent on Wednesday to see family.

On Thursday evening I went to another Writers in Southampton meeting and the speaker was Deanna Dewey.  She is a film director and script writer and the talk was called 'What writing can lead to'.  She was a very interesting speaker and it made me feel more inspired with my writing.  After all it has already lead me to some interesting things so who knows what the future may hold!

Linking up with other writer's is really proving useful as finding out a lot more information about writing.  The Winchester Writer's Conference was mentioned and I am having a look if any of this is useful for me.

I have a lot to do over the next coming couple of months.  I plan to finish my playwright, write two 10-15 plays for famous for fifteen, complete some flash fiction pieces for The Writing Buddies Anthology and start playing my first full novel!! So I really do need to get my head down and will be using up all my spare time.  It has made me think that maybe I do need a more permanent home office space.  At present I scribble my writing on notebooks then type it up on the laptop whilst sat on the sofa.  We do have a desk and PC in our bedroom originally set up for a course my husband was doing.  The course ended after the company folded and in the following months the desk has become more buried.  I am not usually one for sitting at a desk to work but the bedroom is an XBOX free zone so I can happily get on with my work in the evenings and weekends.  So I am going to claim the desk as my new work space.  It just means a major bit of sorting out to get to the desk.  My blogs may be fewer over the next few weeks for all the above reasons but have no fear it means I am writing!  In the very least I will update you with a before and after of the desk space!

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