Tuesday, June 1, 2010

If you could read my mind!

My brain is doing overtime at the moment and I have to admit to loving it!  I had planned to just do some housework this morning before heading to work but decided as I am in the writing mood that is what I should do.  Really this is a triumph; This is the place I wanted to be but never quite got to in the past.  I am much happier getting my ideas down on paper than I am having a tidy house!

I was considering what other people would think of me if they could really see into my head and all the ideas that pop up.  I mean as with most stories they are entirely fictitious but often planted in some kind of reality.  In my mind any plot lines are like watching a movie reel.  My photographic memory is one of my strong points and I can imagine scenarios in great detail.  I find it a complete indulgence to steep myself in these thoughts and ideas often come thick and fast when I do.  The problem is switching back to reality.  I have to then remind myself that in my day-to-day life those around me might not understand if I try to explain my latest plot idea.  Particularly if that may be the person who unknowingly helped plant the seed which later sprouted the idea!

I do wonder if people could see my thoughts if they would think of me differently.  I hope they would in a positive way but until any task is nearing completion I like to keep it to myself.  So for now I'll never know.

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