Friday, June 25, 2010

Making writing your priority

There is no doubt making writing your first priority is the only way writing can become more than a hobby.  I read a great blog post the other day from Miss Snark's First Victim: a blog for aspiring authors.  The post link here has some great tips about treating writing as a career.  It points out how you have to treat writing as a career from the start otherwise you run the risk of it never being anything more than a hobby.

I have to agree with everything the post says.  If I wasn't pushing myself and forcing deadlines on myself I would still be treating it very much as a hobby and be aspiring to be a writer in the future.  Instead I class myself as a writer now and know I have have to work really hard to get my goals done.

On that matter I really don't have very long until I need to send my 15 minute plays off for Famous for Fifteen so I really must press on! Fingers crossed I get them to a point where I am happy and send them off in time!

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