Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I used to do a lot of prioritising in my job as a physiotherapist. I worked as an medical in-patient physiotherapist and I would have lots of patients and only so many hours to cram them in.  Nowadays my need to prioritise is completely different but I am still needing to use that same skill.

It is very easy to let writing become a low priority with everything else going on in life.  I am happy to say it has remained a higher priority for 3 + months now and I have got much more done as a result.  I now have some looming deadline dates and realise I need to get a wriggly on if I am to get everything done!  It means I will have to temporarily abandon my playwright 'White China at Rose Cottage' for a couple of weeks.  This is in order to complete one (or hopefully two) 15 minute plays to submit into a local 'Famous for Fifteen' event.  I also want to get some pieces finished to enter The Writing Buddies Competition.  Both of these are really great local opportunities for myself so I want to make sure I give myself enough time.  I prefer spending time over projects rather than rushing them but time is short already.  After I have completed these I will be able to finish the playwright.

It means for the rest of this month I need to spend most of my free time writing and that starts today as I have three days off work.  I also need to finish sorting out the desk upstairs so it is more of a work area but as always the writing needs to be the biggest priority.

So off to finish a couple of flash fiction pieces to start and then need to cook up some ideas for my fifteen minute plays.

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