Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sticking to one project?

I am pretty sure most writers flit from project to project but there are times, especially with looming deadlines when you have to stick to one!

This is where I am at the moment.  I have until July 8th (well not that long really as I have to post them unless I hand deliver!) to complete another 15 minute play.  I don't have to enter two but want to increase my chances.  Plus I love the idea so want to write it anyway.  So I need to concentrate on this even though my mind is often distracted.

My major distraction yesterday was a message on facebook from a senior features writer for our local newspaper.  I love the fact they found me on facebook!  They saw the story in Pick Me Up and are hoping to run it as a story from a different angle.  It strikes me that as they found me I should try and use it as an opportunity.  Anyway as it involves my husband I need to discuss it with him and find a little bit more about it.

But like I said I need to finish what I'm doing before I pursue other things so hopefully I will have 15 play number 2 done by the weekend.  Might just have to do a little jump of joy when they're sent off!

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