Friday, June 18, 2010

Why every writer should be on twitter

I have to confess to my love of twitter! Most people I talk to know of this, in fact if I didn't have my mind set on being a writer I think I would have to become a social networking guru of some sort!

After figuring out how to work it and installing tweetdeck it has quickly become something I use on a regular basis.  The ability to network from your own front room amazes me and I am constantly surprised at how much more accessible information is.  Originally I joined as more of a challenge with a work colleague.  She is a big fan of Peter Andre and she had been tweeting him messages in the hope he would reply.  So we set each other the challenge of him making one of us his friend.  He did reply to a tweet of mine and we soon forgot about the challenge.  In what was originally a bit of fun I had found a whole new way of communicating with the world

These are some of the top reasons why writers (or anyone for that matter) should be on twitter.

1) The people you meet

For anyone who works alone being able to chat to people during the day can be a blessing.  But rather than inviting someone round for a cuppa twitter offers quick chat and the ability to get advice instantly.  It is quite strange to have friends you have never met but tweet to almost every day!  I am constantly inspired by them and astounded by their kindness. At the start of the year a friend of mine Zoe set her blog Splodz Blogz with a year in photos; everyday she posts a photo and an update. Reading her blog and the encouragement of others inspired me to start this blog.  Twitter has really helped encouraged me to do this blog and also gives me a forum in which to share it as well.

2) The opportunities it creates

I have been constantly surprised and delighted with some of the doors twitter has opened.  By following publishers and authors I receive information quickly which I would have otherwise never known about.  It has given me the opportunity to complete book reviews and I continue to do these for WHSmith.

It has also presented more unusual opportunities such as the wonderful My Daddy Cooks.  I love Nick and Archie and their video blogs and later this year they are bringing out a cook book.  Nick asked for some people to test recipes so I volunteered.  I tested one last night and my husband will be testing the others at the weekend.

This along with authors such as Katie Fforde and Jill Mansell replying to your tweets makes you feel a whole lot closer to your dreams.

3) The ability to pick and choose!

Unlike in real life you can pick and choose the people you follow to cater to your own interests.  Outside of writing I follow various celebrities, a lot of food related tweets, friends I chat to amongst others.  Unlike being in an office, if someone is taking up to much of your timeline you can unfollow them.  If someone is rude or unsavoury you can block them.  It's just a perfect work situation! Just as long as your time on twitter is not taking away from the time you spend writing that is!

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  1. Hi Katy,
    Fab blog. I totally agree about Twitter. I'm fairly new to it and was totally unaware what a great networking tool it is (if slightly addictive!)And it leads me to great new blogs! :)