Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Competition time!

As promised now the blog has reached 1000 hits I am running a competition. Reading has to be my number one hobby after writing. Since my writing has increased I have decreased my reading time so I have some brand new books to giveaway. There will be two prizes; the first is Jewel Box and Selina Penaluna (top 2 books in picture) and the second prize is Crystal and Tease (bottom 2 books in picture).

To enter you need to do two things:

1) Follow my blog - you must be following in order for your entry to be valid.
2) Comment below this post and answer this question: Name your favourite book or author and why they are your favourite? Please also include your twitter name in post so I can contact if you win.

  • The closing date for entries 27th August 2010
  • The winners will be picked by
  • Only one entry per person
  • Winners will be announced on the blog so keep your eye out. It will also be announced on twitter.
  • Winner's need to claim there prize within 7 days otherwise it will be drawn again.
  • Prizes will be posted out following the August bank holiday
  • UK only (due to postage costs!)
I think that's all I need to include other than to say GOOD LUCK! Look forward to receiving your entries.


  1. My favourite book is usually the one I last read. But recently I was blown away by "The Return of captain John Emmett" by Elizabeth Speller and it has now replaced "The Mists of Avalon" by Marion Zimmer Bradley as my all-time favourite read.


  2. I agree with Grape Vine, my fav is usually my last. It also depends what mood I am - you know girly, romantic, thrilling etc. Will have to have a think and get back to you :D

  3. I have so many book series that I absolutely adore and so would find it hard to choose but I think the author which got me into reading was probably Enid Blyton.

    As a child I had a copy of almost all the books available from Amelia Jane to the Gollywogs and more.

    I think for me they remind me of a happy childhood being about 4 or 5 and sitting on my Grandma or Aunties knee on a Saturday teatime and us reading a story.

    Since those years I have been an avid reader often being able to read a 400 page book in less than two days if it grabs my attention enough x

    Thank you for a lovely giveaway xx


  4. OOOHH! ok my fav books would have to be the Blossom street series by Debbie Macomber i still havent read them all but REALLY love them (think ive read 5), the Characters sound so real and the books have an emotional thread that leaves ur heart leaping and sinking all at the same time... im not going to say what they are about but they are beautiful books :)
    @charismc x

  5. Thanks for a great giveaway!

    At the moment my favourite is the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer, i just love the love triangle that's going on in the books and the romance with a vampire twist! I've read each book multiple times because i enjoy them so much.


  6. Fab giveaway! I love Karen Rose. I can't really pinpoint my favourite book of hers because I've read them all and loved them all. If I had to choose one though I'd choose Count to Ten. I think this was the first one I read and it was a great read!


  7. I'm an avid reader, could quite easily open my own library with the amount of books on my shelves! For me though easily my favourite Author would be Dan Brown, I dont generally read his type of genre, I'm more of a chick flick kinda girl but so far every book of his I have read and have been glued to from start to finish! Excellent author!

  8. Thanks for the Giveaway
    I have always read, as a child it was Enid Blyton, but then as an adult I was an avid reader of Agatha Christie books, often buying them from boot sales, it is difficult to pick just one book so think i can narrow it down to 2, Death on the Nile and A murder is announced. When reading you get intwinned in it and never realise just who done it, she has 2 very goot sleths and the detail in the books are absolutely spot on. I have hopefully installed in my daughter the importance of reading and often find a book under her pillow in bed :)


  9. My Favourite book is The Colour Purple by Alice Walker because it's a wonderful and moving story about survival and how the human spirit can never truly be broken, it makes me laugh and cry in equal measure.


  10. My favourite author changes all the time, but I love Nora Roberts books, I've just re-read the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead, and they are brilliant, 'Blood Promise' is a real tearjerker!


  11. I'm @funkyfairy22 and I can't think what my favourite book is! Particularly liked Walking on Water by Geoff Holt recently and I absolutely loved After You by Julie Buxbaum

  12. I have lots of favourite authors but at the moment it has to be Mark Billingham as i love detective novels & his detective DI Tom Thorne is just amazing & so very realistic.


  13. My fave book is The Queen and I by Sue Townsend. Just found it really funny


  14. My fave book is actually a series - Incarnations of Immortality by Piers Anthony. They are awesome fantasy novels, really clever plot lines and all 7 books fit together amazingly. Can reread them anytime.

  15. @kohsamui14
    ooo this is tricky-
    I love epic sagas that span generations... Books by Santa Montefiore and Maeve Binchy, I find, are unputdownable.
    But all time fave... M.M. Kaye The far Pavilions- Each time I pick up this novel I am transported to another world full of Eastern culture and intrigue. Set in a time where time moves slowly as the rich tapestry of life enfolds before me.
    @kohsamui14 on twitter

  16. My fav book is To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. A timeless classic that would mean something to every generation that will ever read it.


  17. My favourite book is "Thirty Nothing" by Lisa Jewell, a wonderful modern romantic comedy involving a couple of Thirty Nothing's (as opposed to thirty somethings!) who'd been friends in school and reunite. Dig, the main guy is absolutely gorgeous!! I've never seen him of course but in my head he's my number 1 guy! haha. This book is funny & lovely & warm & used to make me believe all my dreams may possibly come true one day. I first read it in my early 20's, I'll be 30 next year so will definitely be reading it again before then in the hope of finding that happy ever after feeling again :) xx


  18. I have been sitting here for about 20 minutes trying to decide what my favourite book is, & it's really difficult. A few of the authors people have mentioned here I'm a fan of, hmmm.

    I am going to go for Harlan Coben's books, but I think it maybe as I am reading a book of his now & I can't put it down. He is such a fantastic suspense writer, chapters are nice & short & the characters are really strong & prominent.
    I'm always hooked after the first few pages.

    An author who I have loved since a teen is Sidney Sheldon. If anyone is looking for a good book then any by him are fantastic.
    Do you remember when you watched Sixth Sense? Or maybe scream? And the times you go 'OH, I was NOT expecting that'... Well every book is like that, he's written so many too & I used to love trying to guess what the twist would be, I never did :) Definitly an author to look out for xx

  19. Ooops, my twitter name is @sweetiepie82 :))

  20. Firstly, thankyou for running this and I am loving your blog!
    Hmmm, fave author/book, wow, thats a hard one lol Aside from Roald Dahl, I am a huge fan of Martina Cole. Crime novels are my absolute fave and the way Martina writes captures my imagination no end. The fact that she extensively researches the type of characters she uses adds to the realism of it all - she also dares to go where others wouldn't! She writes with so much passion, you can't help but get close to the characters and I tend to go through a whole range of emotions whilst reading them.

  21. Thanks for the competition, the books look fab.
    I read lots so have lots of authors that i follw, Marian Keyes and Sophie Kinsella are just 2. Someone i am so impressed by recently is Dorothy Koomson, her books tackle gritty subjects but her characters are so real. Worth look! @zoecampbellyork x

  22. My Favourite is the Twilight Series... I m half way thru Eclipse at the moment... I love the depth of emotion in this Series.. Can hardly imagine how Bella lives with all that pressure :)


  23. Adding answer for @LoudWomen who is unable to access the site. Her favourite author is Emil Zola.