Monday, July 5, 2010

Four Month Review

Two more months have gone by and it is time to check up and see how far I am getting along with my goals.  This really helps focus my mind and reminds what I have been up to (so easy to forget!).  It has been another busy couple of months and in that time I have managed to do the following.

  • 3 Book Reviews
  • Joined Writers In Southampton and attended three meetings with talks from Peter Lovesey, Deanna Dewey and Penny Legg.
  • 2 Film Reviews
  • Entered first paragraph competition with The Guardian
  • Read Creative Writing by Adele Ramet (Very useful!)
  • Had a bout of shingles!
  • Written about two-thirds of a one act play
  • Cleared the desk upstairs so I have a more permanent work space at home
  • Completed two 15 minute playwrights
  • Completed two pieces of flash fiction
  • Helped test some recipes for My Daddy Cooks cookbook
  • Continued attending Writing Buddies
  • Brought domain name ready to set up website
It is great having this blog to read back on and see what I have been up too over the weeks.  I think I have managed quite a lot what with the hen do's, weddings and illness that have also gone on in-between!  So I started out with these goals and they looked like this after two months:

  • Complete six three small writing tasks ( Less than 3000 words)
  • Complete three large writing tasks (More than 3000 words)
  • Get two one of them published.

I was slightly concerned as to how I would get three large projects done but coming back to this I have realised I set the mark at 3000 words (I had 5000 in my mind for some reason).  One of the 15 minute plays is over 3000 words so I can count that as one of the three, the one-act play and then my attempt at starting a novel will be the third.

So looking back at these two months I have completed the following goals:
  • Large writing task - 15 minute play
  • Small writing task - 15 minute play
Leaving me with 2 large writing projects (one of which is mostly finished), 2 small writing projects and fingers crossed for at least one getting published. I have decided that I will not continue the book reviews in the same way.  I will still review books once I have read them but only at my leisure not specifically for doing a book review.  It just takes up a bit too much of my time and however much I enjoy reading I need to make sure I have time for everything.  Instead I am studying more creative writing books and finding them very useful.  I have learnt a tremendous amount over the past four months and feel I have lots more to learn as I go along.  I don't think I ever thought for one minute I would get this far in such a short space of time.  I just hope I can keep the momentum up.

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