Friday, July 9, 2010

Judging and juggling

Received news today the 'Famous for Fifteen' will be judged by Kirrie Wratten who directs on the London Fringe.  The six selected plays will be performed in October this year at the Nuffield studio.  Fingers crossed that all my hard work pays off.

Not too much time to dwell on those (this is fortunate as I'm already mentally picking holes in them!) as I have the entries to complete for the Writing Buddies Anthology and want to get no end of projects completed by the end of August.

I have been dealt a slightly bitter blow today as in my grand scheme I have decided to change to three days a week.  It would be the same hours but would free up more days in my week allowing me to get more writing done.  The job I had planned to apply for has been filled so it brings me back to square one and as it is a decision I have made, a hunt may have to ensue.  I am actually surprised at myself for being so upset at not having the opportunity.  I guess my writing life is moving forward faster than I expected and I now need to fit the rest of my life (the bit that pays the bills) in accordingly.  Until the writing pays the bills that is!

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