Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Remaining focussed

I have spent quite a lot of time now studying different books on writing.  Whilst the exercise has been useful I have decided to narrow down my reading material somewhat.  As I have a project in mind I was trying to determine the best format to write it up in and I think I have already decided; this exercise was just confirming it.

I still have an underlying fear of putting such focus and attention into one task.  I feel like there is a real risk of it not being quite what I want it to be therefore being a waste of time and energy.  It is important to take that risk though (even if it means not washing, tidying or sleeping for the next few months) and however it turns out will be an achievement.

So I am going to cram as much suitable study in over the next couple of weeks.  Then I have a week's holiday, half of which will be spent with family and the other half will be preparing for the hard slog of work to come.  I am excited and nervous all at the same time; I'm pretty much going to love it!

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