Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Some Writing Competitions

It has been a while since I included any writing competitions I have come across.  I try and stick to competitions that don't involve an entry fee.  There are lots of writing competitions about but I try and keep an eye out for the more unusual ones.  There haven't been so many recently but these are the ones I have found.

Writer's Bureau are celebrating their 21st Birthday.  Each month they are running a competition to win one of their courses.  You need to sign up to their e-mail list and then you can enter.  This month the competition is for an Article writing course.  You need to submit the first two lines of an article before 31st July.

Shortbread stories has a competition running for Hometown tales.  You have until 15th September to enter a story and they have a nice prize for the winner.

There is another short story competition running in The Lady.  This also ends on 31st July and the winner will be printed in The Lady.

Hope these may be of use to some of you.  I will have a go at the Writer's Bureau competition but not sure I'll have time for the other 2!

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