Monday, July 19, 2010

Studying and the study

I suddenly remembered the other day that a while back I posted a before picture of the mess our study area was in but I never got round to doing an after shot! I have not as you might believe neglected it totally but have managed to get it into a state which could now be described as a study! So to refresh your memory the before shot looked like this:
And it now looks like this:
Quite an improvement I think! I even managed to sort through my whole filing system.  Unfortunately our PC isn't working so well at the moment after a prolonged period of neglect.  I am lucky though as my husband who is a computer whizz will upgrade it all for much less than the price of a new computer.  So I am having to use my laptop on top of the desk for the moment.  Please take note of my very artistic chair I decorated when I was about 16! Every little girl I know who has seen it wants it but as yet I have not given it up.  Will have to go for a more comfy chair at some point though.  The picture was my wedding present to my husband and it is made up of lots of small photos of our lives!

Trying to cram some study in and have so far found it very useful. If any one can suggest any books on writing they have found useful I would love to hear about them.  I kind of realise my own limitations in writing at the moment and am quite merrily studying to improve this.  With my finances in short supply I am finding that Southampton library is the most brilliant resource.  With so much of it being online and computerised now it is so easy to request books and then collect when I have a notification through.  Next up I have some books on writing for TV and radio.  This is to help place a project I have in mind and as yet I am undecided as to which format it will best suited.  Hopefully all this study will help me decide where to go with this idea and when I do start I may be better equipped to tackle the task.


  1. Err - best not admit to which picture my study looks like!

  2. Lol! I angled the camera very well to not include a box I need to wort through!