Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tying up loose ends

I've had a rather non-productive week in terms of writing work. Not that this is a bad thing as I have been busy with studying and job hunting. I presently have four unfinished projects and I really need to get these finished. Two of these are more urgent as they are due on 30th July.

Life over the past few months has been hectic. I have been enjoying it tremendously and this is only the beginning in my mind. I am very eager to continue expanding and improving my writing. It means creating more time to concentrate on writing and that is why I am searching for a part time job that allows more days at home for me to work. I would love to give up work entirely for a few months but mortgage commitments won't allow it.  Over the past few months I have managed to recognise my writing pattern and the conditions I write best in. I'm sure I have mentioned before but my present (paid) work pattern is 25 hours split into 5 hours each day (Mon-Fri) or a full weekend and Mon & Tues which gives me 3 days off.  It is always on these three days I am most productive. As I only work one or two weekends a month it means these three day events don't happen too often. So I would much rather work roughly the same hours over three days and have at least two days at home by myself to do writing work. So I am having to put some of my time towards solving this situation.  I am also hoping that I can get a job connected to writing or theatre work to compliment my future plans.

I said on twitter that once I had reached 1000 hits on the blog I would run a competition on the blog. I have passed that mark and am planning the competition as I type this and it will hopefully be on the blog next week.  Just need to finish the housework I'm in the middle of (clearly blogging in the middle helps the process!) and make sure I get those two projects completed in time.


  1. It is interesting this question of giving up work to write.

    I had a part-time job I loathed; however, it gave my week a frame into which I could slot my writing. Indeed, so successful was the combination, I managed to complete my first novel.

    Since then, i.e. three months ago, I have stopped work and written little.

    I don't know how disciplined you are, more so than me I hope, but I have been looking around for another way to create a routine in my life to spur me to write at set times.

    (Found you via BubbleCow:)

  2. Writing is a real discipline and I'm only just getting my head round it. So many distractions and not enough time.

    Hope you manage to get novel two under way soon.