Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What kind of writer are you?

One of the first questions asked of a writer is what do you write? The answer "A bit of everything" always seems a little vague. The truth is I don't have one solid answer. If pushed for an answer I would have to say playwright and fiction but the truth is I spend about the same amount of time on other non-fiction projects.

At the moment it's all about finding my feet and despite fiction being more of a passion I find just as much enjoyment in non-fiction pieces. Maybe in the future when I have come to learn the craft  more and where my skills I will have a single answer. Most people asking the question expect you to have a novel already in the bag but as most writer's will know there is never just one idea on the boil.

I have avoided the approach of going straight into writing a novel. I know this works for a lot of people but I need to work on my toolbox skills first (Read Stephen King's On Writing to see what I mean). So instead I am having a go at everything and finding what sits well. Happily opportunities have turned up in unexpected places. After the piece in PMU magazine I was contacted by my local newspaper who wanted to do an interview with my husband and me. They wanted to write the piece themselves but I knew my husband would be reluctant. I did offer to write it for them (although didn't give any credentials) but they wanted to do it themselves so we turned the offer down. It has made me realise that there is enough interest in the story  to make it worth me re-writing it and pitching it to the health arena.

When I set up my website on the weekend I neglected to add that I write up a quarterly newsletter for my shopmobility job. I didn't because I kind of don't count it as part of my writing work as it is just something I have agreed to do as part of my job role. I have decided I will add it to my list of work after finding they had used my newsletter for information on the website.

Not quite in the realms of having an article published but it was good enough for the PR company to use it seems.

Being undecided on what 'kind'of writer I am there are days (like today) when I am entirely undecided on what project to focus on. Generally I don't mind as long as it involves writing.

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