Monday, August 2, 2010

And Relax....

June and July have been full of deadlines and it was nice to spend some time relaxing at Penny Legg's book launch yesterday.

The launch of 'Folklore of Hampshire'was held at The Brushmakers Arms in Upton. The pub features in Penny's book as it is famous for it's resident ghost. Fortunately the ghost lives upstairs and the picturesque pub was the perfect venue with lovely weather. I'm looking forward to reading my copy but the snippets I've tucked into have been very interesting so far!

It dawned on me whilst at the launch this is the first time over the past couple of months I have had no deadline's looming. Last month I managed to complete no less than six projects and get them all in on time. How well they will do is another matter but at least they arrived on time. This was alongside lots of reading, normal work and job hunting. There is a temptation now to spend some time relaxing (and I will a bit I promise!) but I am certain most writer's never relax! I have now completed the small projects I set out to do this year and now have the two large projects to complete. I am going to try and dedicate most of my time to these in order to make sure they get done. The first is to finally complete the one-act play, 'The White China at Rose Cottage'. As there are no deadlines for this and I am doing it more for my own pleasure it would be very easy to not get it done. This is the reason it has taken a back seat on more than one occasion this year. I hope to have it done by the end of this month. I had originally just hoped to get this shown by a local amateur dramatics group but over the past weeks and months I have come across lots of other opportunities for one act plays so will explore these once this is finished.

Alongside the one-act play I am continuing my textbook studies and the job hunt. I have decided that I would like my paid work to also be within the area of writing so am hunting in that area. I have found one job opportunity I will be applying to so I need to make sure my CV is all up to scratch. So no time to relax just yet, maybe next week when I'm on annual leave!

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