Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The glamorous side of writing and the admin of life!

The last few days have been rather frustrating in that I have got little writing work done. This has been due to a combination of factors which can't be avoided but annoying all the same. So I'm glad to report I have the next three days off work and the ability to engage completely in my writing work.

I need to finally finish an application and get it sent off today and then get on with starting a book proposal. I have spent some of the past few days reading up on everything I need to include. I really have no idea as to whether this will result in anything but just doing it will be really good practice.

As for the glamorous side of writing I don't think I can represent it at the moment! Sadly I am too broke to get my hair dyed at the salon and my collection of white hairs is becoming more obvious. At 29 I don't feel like I should have any white hairs but I found the first on my 21st birthday! So I have conceded to dying it at home although I am too broke until pay day to even buy a pack. So I went in with my Boots advantage card with adequate points to get the dye and they refused to sell it to me! Why? Because I have changed my name (to my married name) and apparently they sent me out a new card. I wouldn't mind but I put the card in the points checker and all the information came up on screen including my married name! So I left Boots and the hair dye on the counter. I could have paid somehow but I don't see why I should when I have the points stored up!

Anyway to add to my glamour status today I am sat here with a white alice band on to control my wild hair and to hide the white ones and my Primark tracksuit bottoms for comfort! It is not a good look but you can't see me so I'm not worried! I think at some point I may have to address my fashion sense before I venture out into the world again. I wonder what the awards ceremonies would look like if writers turned up in what they wrote in!  


  1. Too true! I write in my pj's mostly but I think it's a good thing. It's hard to write anything pretentious when you’re wearing pink trousers with sheep on!! Wishing you a productive few days of freedom!

  2. It would be a little like a pj party I reckon!

    Hoping to be productive as well! At least the weather isn't tempting me out!

  3. One of the joys of writing is being able to wear what you like while you're doing it! Although make sure there's a slinky dress hanging up somewhere ready for that call to the awards ceremonies...;)

    Best wishes for your next few writing days x