Friday, August 13, 2010

My 20 week challenge

Today it is twenty weeks until the end of the year. The original plan I set out at the beginning of this blog has been going well with all the small projects completed and 1 and a half large projects completed. Which leaves me with 1 and a half large projects to complete. I set out for the larger projects to be more than 3000 words and it will not take much more for me to finish the one act playwright. For my final task of the year I have decided to undertake a much larger project nearer to 150,000 words! I hope to at least have the first rough draft done by the end of this year.

This will be my largest writing project to date and I know it is going to be a massive undertaking but I am also quite sure I can do it. I have had the project in mind for some weeks now and have thought about it enough now so need to get going.

I am going to set my self goals for the twenty weeks to help focus my mind. I'm sorry if they are tedious to read but they are the kind of thing that really help motivate me. This will be alongside some other things I need to get done before the year is out. So here is the list, if I get behind please feel free to nag me!

  • Aim for a word count of 6000 - 8000 words a week. This would mean by the end of the year the word count would be between 120,000 - 160,000. I will include any other smaller project word counts in the total. I will keep a tally of my total somewhere on the blog so you can keep an eye on this to see how I am getting on.
  • Aim for 1000 words daily.
  • Add myself to the #amwriting directory of writers.
  • Join the Society for Woman Writer's and Journalists.
  • Continue looking for 3 day job.
So the challenge is set and I need to see how well I keep up with it.

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