Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Shoes - how do you choose?

A little later than planned but it's about time I told you about which shoes I picked from rubber soles! As I said before they have a really great navigation tool making it very easy to navigate their site and find just what you are looking for.

The navigation tool meant I didn't waste lots of time searching round the site and then discovering they didn't have my size. So all the shoes I looked at I knew they had my size in stock. There is an excellent range of branded shoes on the site and my favourites were these:

Iron Fist Shoes Digiskull Platform Black Sequin Shoes
I have to admit to loving the quirkiness of the Iron Fist range although this particular pair are a little more subtle than some of the others. This particular pair are £39.99 and if you add 'katylittle' into the code box you will get a 10% discount! When I do actually have some money this is the kind of thing I will be going for. Sadly although they were my favourite this was all about finding some new work shoes after my last pair disintegrated. So I went with the Skechers Bikers Goldmine Black Shoes

Skechers Bikers Goldmine Black Shoes

They are also £39.99 and I have to say so far I have been very impressed but I will do a full review after I have been wearing them for another week or so and they have been exposed to wet weather conditions (no fear of that not happening at the moment!)

Sanuk Smile Zori White Flip-Flop
I also got some lovely flip-flops which are a bargain £9.99! I love these ones as the smiley face goes all the way through so will leave imprints but the weather hasn't been nice enough to test them out yet.

I will post a full review of both these products over the next couple of weeks. Don't forget when you head over to Rubber Sole that you can get a 10% discount using the code 'katylittle' and any order includes FREE DELIVERY. 

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