Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Some great news!

I've had some great news today (well two bits of great news!). The first was a phone call from Ask Jeeves informing me I had won a handbag worth £220! This is from one of the many competitions I enter. I enter them for fun in the hope I may win something I would otherwise have to go without in my current situation. I have been very lucky over time but enter less now to allow more time for writing. So it was a great surprise to find out I had won such a great prize!

There are not many things that could have topped this news but even better than that I had an email informing me my article 'How to twitter: the basics' has been accepted for publication on This came about after writing some notes for the writing buddies as it can be difficult to get to grips with. When I saw How to were looking for articles I decided to do a re-write and submit it to them. I am so pleased it has been accepted and it was just the boost I needed and was on about the other day.

Like I said the other day I was hoping to see at least one thing out of the number of article/pieces I have done over the past two months published and it is so satisfying to know this has happened. Just a shame I can't bottle this feeling up for everyday life. The article is not live on the website yet but when it is I will put the link here. With any luck it will lead to more articles published on the site at a later date.


  1. That's fantastic news, well done!

    Really hope it continues for you :)

  2. Thank you! Really pleased and fingers crossed for some more x